Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Today I'm finding endless calm and inspiration from these beautiful landscapes and seascapes - Keith Nash seems to capture the light breaking through the clouds, the reflections on the waters edge - the stillness of the moment so perfectly.  I am transformed to these coastal scenes - and maybe I want to stay just there in those lush mellow hues and tones, and maybe I just won't want to come back...

For more of his work, check out his website below - and from there you can also purchase some of the work of this super talented artist.  

From his website I quote:  Keith Nash is a professional watercolour artist living in Norfolk, UK.
His work is a blend of contemporary and traditionl styles, capturing the changing light and tones of the East Anglian landscape and marine environments.

Images via keith nash


  1. The light in these is simply stunning, thank you so much for bringing them to my attention x

    1. hello! and thanks so much for stopping by! I keep looking at these images over and over again, each time just drawn deeper into the landscape and light. so pleased you liked them too x