Thursday, 5 February 2015


Just a quick hello from my desk  :)  

I'm still here - just been pulled in a few different directions and trying to just keep going and keep staying positive and keep smiling.  Also lots of business, like as in being busy - and you all know I am not a fond activist on the 'keep busy' front!

But alas, when life does give me busy, I pull up my sleeves and jump straight in!  Things should normalize again after this weekend, I have a whole list of ideas on things to share - even as far back as my trip to Brugges ... and perhaps even beyond!

Making no promises yet, but would love to get back on track this weekend if I can and start sharing some of the good stuff again.

Hope you're all well and happy and good now that we have all pulled through January, cause that can be quite a tormenting month in the northern hemisphere... or perhaps it was just for me....

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  1. Welcome back! I kept checking! I was wondering where you were. Yay!