Thursday, 19 February 2015


“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, 
to embrace the new. 
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. 
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, 
for in movement there is life, 
and in change there is power.” 
—Alan Cohen (Photo of Pina Bausch, Dancer) ..*

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


follow the mad rabbit.... you're almost there
columbia road flower market - you have arrived
beautiful hydrangea and succulent stall
a sea of heads as far as the eye can see
most perfect little lemon tree
almost went home with this lush bit of green
and some more people
random capturing of footwear and cobblestones
street performers and a little one jamming to the beat
time to stop for a little caffeine fix and a treat
good spot for a spot of coffee and a croissant
the one that stole my heart
me looking happy with my a beautiful split-leaf philodendron of my very own
So ... Sunday I had a good day.  And thinking back to it now I can count very many factors that contributed to that one beautiful day of bliss, in a sea of days that feel like I am absolutely drowning in my own mind ... and waves of thoughts that just come crashing down on me - pushing me back down against the ocean floor.

No Sunday was different, Sunday was good.  I think it has helped that I managed to de-clutter my space quite dramatically - and it has most certainly lifted a load, having a more minimal space does have an impact somehow on our thought processes and how we process them.  Not sure what the link is there, but I sure can be witness - it felt good, I felt light and I want to keep it that way.

I had an early start to the day, and tried out a new yoga routine in the morning; also something new I have just stumbled upon while searching the web for a springtime retreat.  I stumbled upon 'kundalini yoga' and wow - something very different alltogether, but felt quite wholesome and nourishing and just what my body and mind and soul needed on this particular day.  Have anyone else given it a go?  There are a couple of classes in my local area, and I am joining one on Sunday - quite excited about this revitalising find.  But also, much needed, as I feel I am on a journey to reconnect, or re-ignite myself - searching for my purpose - and it feels like this class may just help me on this journey of rediscovery.

Getting things done can feel really good too!  I think having gotten quite a few things checked off my list, I felt like I could really go out and enjoy spending some time just wondering, but also with a purpose.  In a previous post (last Friday to be exact) I mentioned that I was going to get myself a split-leaf philodendron and that's exactly what I set out to do on a sunny and crisp winters Sunday.  Blue skies and sunshine can most certainly lift one's mood - and so can being surrounded by beautiful flowers.... and hordes of people (not!) But without the people it just won't be the same, the pushing and shoving and slow milling around trying to sneak a peak at the flower stalls as you get shoved along.  The first gab I got I swung left and found the corner store where I knew, or was hoping to find my plant.  And... alas, there were quite a few of these beauties to choose from.  And in saying that I almost got distracted by a plant of a whole different calibre and character!  But pleased I stuck to my instincts.

After a coffee and quick spontaneous catch up with a darling friend, I ventured home - with the sun still shining and the happy sounds of people and chitter chatter still fresh in my ears.  I came home to a neat and sundreanched room - and realised with a real thug at my heart that I will miss this beautiful bright and sunny room once I move to the loft.  But - at the same time the move will bring a new chapter and some much needed changes for me - sometimes change is as good as a holiday!

I ended my day with a visit to Hillsong Church, it was a beautiful service and I felt content and happy and like it was a perfect end to a perfectly happy day.

Hopefully with winter now almost behind us, and spring to look forward to - this haze that I'm in will pass and if not .... least I'll have my new plant, and the reminder of a beautiful sunny day, to move me along into my new space...

All pics by me
Last pic by my friend Marie


Today I'm finding endless calm and inspiration from these beautiful landscapes and seascapes - Keith Nash seems to capture the light breaking through the clouds, the reflections on the waters edge - the stillness of the moment so perfectly.  I am transformed to these coastal scenes - and maybe I want to stay just there in those lush mellow hues and tones, and maybe I just won't want to come back...

For more of his work, check out his website below - and from there you can also purchase some of the work of this super talented artist.  

From his website I quote:  Keith Nash is a professional watercolour artist living in Norfolk, UK.
His work is a blend of contemporary and traditionl styles, capturing the changing light and tones of the East Anglian landscape and marine environments.

Images via keith nash

Friday, 13 February 2015


A couple of peaceful images to ease us into the weekend... I'm also soon moving into a new spacious room in the house - its the loft with its own en-suite bathroom.  Have been trying to get some inspiration for it - and I really like these minimal leaf arrangements a lot.  Just a touch of greenery complements any space oh so nicely!

I particularly like the Monstera Deliciosa (picture 1, 3, 5) —also known as the splitleaf philodendron - and think I'll head down to Collumbia Road Flower Market on the week-end and get myself a nice plant for my new room.

I will be moving next week-end, fortunately only up one flight of stairs - phew lucky me!  And am rather looking forward to settling into my new space - it will be my very own little sanctuary and I cannot wait!  A vast space, which definitely lends itself to a very minimal style of decor - it will be my challenge to keep it minimal.  May need to redecorate some of my concrete pieces - they're slate at the moment, but I quite fancy a bit of white for a nice change.

So another week has just flown past and its scary how quickly time is passing at the moment and I get anxious as there is so much I want to do, but never enough time and then I can't stop thinking of all the things that are still half-done or undone, and then I get myself in a right pickle .... ok.... just breathe, step outside, get some air, go for a walk young lady  - and ... breathe out....  all in good time!  Things will get done in the end; I just feel at the moment like I'm racing against time all the time...   

Nevermind, have a super weekend - and I'll post an update on my new plant on Sunday


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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Just stumbled upon this group last night - KILN - super mellow ambient sounds and beats - easy listening - almost takes you on a journey to a beautiful far away place!

The artwork on their album covers might just as well be an exquisite piece of art on someone loft apartment walls;  gosh I think I may have stumbled on my new favorite group of 2015!  
Interesting and creative, I want to know and listen more.   I think this will be great to listen to while meditating or practicing my Tai Chi and Qi Gong... or just unwinding in the evenings.

The trio behind Kiln is Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison, and Clark Rehberg III - do read more about their work here

Sounds via Youtube
Images/ album covers via KilnAudio

Sunday, 8 February 2015


So finally I am sharing some images of inspiration and some sketches of my little project in South Africa.  The plan is for this little spot to be a week-end getaway which will truly be like no other... A space where one can switch off completely - and just be.  Be and enjoy being;  reconnect with loved ones, reconnect with yourself -  a space where time will really feel like its standing still.  I want it to be fully sustainable and self sufficient, especially with the load sharing and water supply that is of major concern in that beautiful country.  Still so much potential, but still sadly so badly administered...

Still regardless of all that - I am still positive about my little project, and it is something I want to get off the ground sooner rather than later; I want to be able to enjoy it with my family when I visit, but especially with my parents who have been dreaming with me for such a very long time.  I want them to experience all the years of sketching and planning and dreaming, but also for me - it will at least be something worthwhile I'm hoping to do with my life.

I also want to open it up as a retreat of sorts - where people who are keen to make some lifestyle changes can book in for a stay and become more aware of how easy it can be to live a more fulfilling life - just making small changes every day, which then soon will become the big changes!

My sketches are not quite there, but I'm liking the current layout -  there will also be a bigger space at a later stage.  But I think starting small is starting well.  But most certainly some additions as time goes by - and a splashpool is one of them forsure!

My little get away is opposite a nature reserve - so really a place with uninterrupted views into the far distance, wild flowers and birds and I imagine some weird and wild creatures which us citydwellers will not be used to finding in the outdoors!

Anyone with some feedback or comments or if you know of interesting products and materials I can consider for the construction will be most welcome - or if you would like to share any other thoughts or ideas - please do get in touch I'd love to hear from you!  (info(at)lindedavies(dot)co(dot)uk ) or misslinde(at)gmail(dot)com.  Being in the northern hemisphere planning something for the southern hemisphere is not always easy - I want to make the most of the sun, when really in the south you want to be shaded from the sun most of the time... little things like that!

Well - least I'm kindof back on track again now - and .... hopefully as this progress through the different stages I'll be sharing more as time goes by.  Thanks for visiting and have a super week!


Images via Pinterest mostly here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway
and here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway-flooring/
and here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway-master-suite/

Sketches by me

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Just a quick hello from my desk  :)  

I'm still here - just been pulled in a few different directions and trying to just keep going and keep staying positive and keep smiling.  Also lots of business, like as in being busy - and you all know I am not a fond activist on the 'keep busy' front!

But alas, when life does give me busy, I pull up my sleeves and jump straight in!  Things should normalize again after this weekend, I have a whole list of ideas on things to share - even as far back as my trip to Brugges ... and perhaps even beyond!

Making no promises yet, but would love to get back on track this weekend if I can and start sharing some of the good stuff again.

Hope you're all well and happy and good now that we have all pulled through January, cause that can be quite a tormenting month in the northern hemisphere... or perhaps it was just for me....

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