Monday, 19 January 2015


Beautiful refurbishment of a stone village house in Scaiano, Switzerland.  Some of the traditional features were incorporated into the new design of the house.  Lots of concrete, wood and glass giving it a modern yet rustic feel in keeping with the original essence of the space.

I am in the midst of my own little 'tiny house' 'weekend get-away' 'darling retreat' project.  And my design have really gone full circle and I'm pretty much back to where I started.  Which I guess is a good thing;  there will be lots of glass, lots of concrete and lots of wood, and the interiors will all be subtle whites and soft greys and very neutral all round.  And because I feel so strongly about safety - the house will be enclosed by various courtyard with pots and plants (which my mum have started planting already) - a morning courtyard, and afternoon courtyard and an evening courtyard to enjoy the sun setting over the nature reserve.  This has been a lifelong project and now is the time for some progress to be made!

Projects like the above give me endless inspiration and I'm grateful to all the wonderful architects and designers out there in the big wide world creating amazing architecture and design for us mere mortals to enjoy and to aspire to.

This project is by wespi de meuron romeo architects and they have plenty more beautiful projects on their website

images via nesttogether

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