Sunday, 25 January 2015


Design:  Lindé Davies for An Urban Village

I read this beautiful blog post about being present on one of my favourite blogs, Frank-l-in by franklinspeaking - check it out here - so many truths she touches on in her writings, and in her general musings and posts, I often reread and revisit, always feeling inspired and in-tuned!

We so often get caught up in the moment, but struggle to fully live in the present.  She ended her post with this little gem of a quote 'enjoy the perfection of right now' and that's the inspiration for my quote above - frank-l-in my inspiring blogger friend, thank you for the quote and thank you for the inspiration!  I have been pondering on it all week - and trying to appreciate the little moments in life.

On Friday I had a little bit of time between work and going to a talk at one of my freelance jobs - so I took some time out and went for a lovely stroll along the Thames and called my sister in South Africa for an impromptu chat while the seagulls were fluttering above, and the ducks and swans were floating by - the skies were changing colour as the sun was readying to set and it was a beautiful sight and a beautiful moment to share and chat with my sis.

The little things, the little moments, the perfection in those little moments that sometimes may go unnoticed if you're not aware of them, try and be just a little bit more aware next time you're out and about, or somewhere - give a stranger a smile, look up at the skies and the clouds and the sun or the moon, and realise anew what a wonder it is to be here, now and to be alive in this moment .... enjoy the perfection of right now

Inspiration for this post from frank-l-in (thanks again for the lush quote my friend!)

I have something on my mind to share next about the importance of getting into the habit of a good routine - so please do check back soon

Hope you've all had a wonderful, relaxing, inspiring, nourishing weekend xx