Friday, 30 January 2015


Are you ready for the weekend?  I could certainly do with a little escape to some peace and quiet and snow-filled lands and landscapes.

This little super modern cabin in the woods is being designed by at26 in Slovakia.  The renders are beautiful and rather lifelike - but I'm not sure about the choice of human's - but each to their own is what I say.   Here's what they have to say...

"Cabin in the woods is the project of very simple occasional living unit. 
Cabin will be located in the beautiful countryside with fabulous view of the nearby lake. 
Client could enjoy mighty portion of privacy, peace & calmness. 
At this time we finished the design of the object and we are working hard on the project. 
Estimated time of realization is March 2015. 
To be Continued ..."

Hope you're all geared up for the cold snap this weekend - and if you're reading from sunnier shores, please send some sunshine this way!  

Images via Archello

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