Sunday, 28 December 2014


A little quiet sweet German breakfast I had this morning ... all on my own and t'was rather divine.  As much as I loved having a full house over the festive days - it was a little luxury to have this morning to digest all the merriness of the past few days, think about the past year and how much has happened on so many levels, but also to start preparing emotionally and physically for the new year that is blinking and winking at us from just around the corner.  

I'll just touch briefly on a couple of things - and by writing this post I'll also reflect and 'recement' so to speak, my thoughts on 2015.  I am not big on new years resolutions as such, but personally I feel that the last few days of the year is an important time to start opening up to the new year and to what it unfold; and to also start the process of putting away what is behind, take with us the lessons we've learnt, and embrace wholeheartedly what is ahead.  Life is not about what happens to us, its about what we attract into our lives;  how we react - its about playing your best even if you've been dealt a crappy hand.  Sometimes you need to bluff a bit along the way, with a twinkle in our eyes and faith in our hearts that things will look up; that things are looking up.

By bluffing I mean the little things in life, in your life and my life ... sometimes when you wake up feeling a tad blue for no reason - put on your brightest dress and your prettiest smile and go conquer that day!   Its quite alright and quite normal to not always wake up feeling amazing - but it's how you react to not feeling amazing; you have two choices - one is to mope around and share your blues with any soul that would care to listen, try and delve deeper into understanding why it is you are feeling blue - or, you could acknowledge you are feeling low, but choose not to spend the whole day feeling blue or thinking about it.  Life is a matter of choice.   We need to actively live, live with purpose and take courage each day,  we are not all guaranteed a tomorrow - but as long as you wake up to another new day - make that day count!

I want to be honest with myself as I am about to put 2014 to rest;  I want to be gentler with myself in the new year; I want to take more time for me and unplug regularly and recharge fully.  I want to grow spiritually and explore the journey deeper and with more conviction.  I want to share my experiences and learn about others experiences - I want to embrace new friendships, and shed those that are stagnating and not allowing me to grow into this year in a positive way.

I will stay healthy and active, I will write more letters and postcards and send thank you notes,  I will encourage and I will always wear a smile!  I will read more and expand my horizons both through books and through travel.  I will start the new year with expectation, yet gratefully and on my knees.  

We all have different ideas and thoughts about life, about the new year, about challenges and trials and tribulations along the way - and that's all ok. But one thing we always need to remember is this...

Always be true to yourself, let your true self shine into this new year, shine so much so that you'll not only shine but also reflect the radiance and shine of others.  Create a positive frequency around you, and keep going darlings, just keep going, keep doing good and keep smiling along the way

Much love to you all for a dazzling last few days of 2014 and embrace with clarity and courage what is ahead xxx

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