Tuesday, 30 December 2014



What once was an old store room has cleverly been converted into a small loft.  The use of different materials and textures maps the different uses of rooms within the open plan space.   The existing timber roof structure has been left untouched and creates a double height volume in the living room, with a mezzanine above the entry to the living room;  and this in itself a strong variation to the double volume further along.

In situ cast concrete bench creates a neat kitchen area with plenty of worktop space, and some clever storage above the central worktop area - which looks like its attached and hanging from the base of the mezzanine.  The perforated steal staircase and the red PVC stretch fabric add a dash of colour and that industrial charm a loftlike space like this cannot exist without!

Designed by Rome based Architecture studio mOrq

Images via divisare

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