Wednesday, 31 December 2014


As we enter the last few hours of 2014, I am taking some time out to reflect on the past year - on all the challenges and hurdles, and on all the accomplishments and wonder,  on the great times and some not so good times... but all in all it was a blast!

Tonight I'm spending some solo time - by choice;  heading out for a film shortly at a local art house cinema and then slowly wondering back, perhaps stopping off for a little celebratory drink along the way... or just taking my time taking in the last few hours of this past year.

I'm not feeling like a big celebration to see in the new year.  I think its important to celebrate and to keep that tradition going, however, on a personal level I feel more inclined to have some quiet time to contemplate and put my thoughts into perspective for the new year that awaits.  I will off course celebrate the start of the new year - but it won't be loud and cheery, it will be a soft and quiet 'here's to a new year; here's to the start of something new and bright; even if it may not end up being all that bright, least each new day is an opportunity for a bright new start. And don't ever loose sight of that, resolutions or goal setting are not only for 31 December - but at any point in time, that you feel you need to make some changes to your life - you are free to do so.  In fact it takes more courage to make those changes at any other time, than at a time like today.

So with that - I wish you all a most wonderful eve of celebrations or quiet contemplations  - however you prefer to spend the eve - is absolutely perfect and wonderful and don't ever feel you have to spend New Years Eve in any particular way.  It is a night like any other, to be spent however you feel.  We all experience life in different ways, and there is no right or wrong.

There is only you, and this life and how you experience it.  Make your experiences real, and live your life according to what makes you feel real and alive and you.  There is only one you in this world and the part you play is vital, don't ever forget that!

Celebrate in style, or celebrate in solo - but somehow celebrate the end of something that has past and the start of something new that will unfold in very many different ways for us all!

Here's to many more happy, courages, successful, content and lovefilled days!
Here's to you all for a wonderful 2015!

Much love as always, and keep shining bright you lovelies!


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