Friday, 5 December 2014


It's December, its Christmas time, its the silly season - and even for those of us who try not to overindulge - there will be plenty an after work, pre-xmas catch-up with friends and work colleagues - a glass of wine or two, and who am I to resist that ever so drinkable Hibiscus Mojito!

And a bit of merriness never did any harm right?  .... Wrong and wrong!    

So I stumbled upon this beautiful bedside carafe and glass set - and I imagine having this neat little set next to your bed as you're about to nod off after your work Xmas party - will hopefully ensure you drink lots of water before hitting the pillows!  And hopefully that morning after heavy head will be almost unnoticeable....  Let's hope!  Having a couple of glasses of water while being out and about is definitely a good idea - and don't let anyone put you off!  You won't regret it the day after.

Nonetheless we should keep hydrated throughout the day as well and drink plenty of water -  did you know that being dehydrated can cause fatigue?   Water helps the blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells.  If you're getting enough water, your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body.  So when that after lunch slump starts to hit you - reach for your 'drink me' carafe and stay topped up.

And we all know that if we can lighten the load of one organ, by just drinking more water - we'll be drinking the good stuff by the gallons!  Drink me carafe and glass set is available online from Overstock

Have a happy and merry weekend and remember to stay hydrated along the way!

Image via HOUZZ

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