Wednesday, 31 December 2014


As we enter the last few hours of 2014, I am taking some time out to reflect on the past year - on all the challenges and hurdles, and on all the accomplishments and wonder,  on the great times and some not so good times... but all in all it was a blast!

Tonight I'm spending some solo time - by choice;  heading out for a film shortly at a local art house cinema and then slowly wondering back, perhaps stopping off for a little celebratory drink along the way... or just taking my time taking in the last few hours of this past year.

I'm not feeling like a big celebration to see in the new year.  I think its important to celebrate and to keep that tradition going, however, on a personal level I feel more inclined to have some quiet time to contemplate and put my thoughts into perspective for the new year that awaits.  I will off course celebrate the start of the new year - but it won't be loud and cheery, it will be a soft and quiet 'here's to a new year; here's to the start of something new and bright; even if it may not end up being all that bright, least each new day is an opportunity for a bright new start. And don't ever loose sight of that, resolutions or goal setting are not only for 31 December - but at any point in time, that you feel you need to make some changes to your life - you are free to do so.  In fact it takes more courage to make those changes at any other time, than at a time like today.

So with that - I wish you all a most wonderful eve of celebrations or quiet contemplations  - however you prefer to spend the eve - is absolutely perfect and wonderful and don't ever feel you have to spend New Years Eve in any particular way.  It is a night like any other, to be spent however you feel.  We all experience life in different ways, and there is no right or wrong.

There is only you, and this life and how you experience it.  Make your experiences real, and live your life according to what makes you feel real and alive and you.  There is only one you in this world and the part you play is vital, don't ever forget that!

Celebrate in style, or celebrate in solo - but somehow celebrate the end of something that has past and the start of something new that will unfold in very many different ways for us all!

Here's to many more happy, courages, successful, content and lovefilled days!
Here's to you all for a wonderful 2015!

Much love as always, and keep shining bright you lovelies!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014



What once was an old store room has cleverly been converted into a small loft.  The use of different materials and textures maps the different uses of rooms within the open plan space.   The existing timber roof structure has been left untouched and creates a double height volume in the living room, with a mezzanine above the entry to the living room;  and this in itself a strong variation to the double volume further along.

In situ cast concrete bench creates a neat kitchen area with plenty of worktop space, and some clever storage above the central worktop area - which looks like its attached and hanging from the base of the mezzanine.  The perforated steal staircase and the red PVC stretch fabric add a dash of colour and that industrial charm a loftlike space like this cannot exist without!

Designed by Rome based Architecture studio mOrq

Images via divisare

Monday, 29 December 2014

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Summerhouses also often feel quite cosy for me - like I would be happy to spend a whole winter there, sitting in front of the fire reading, or sipping hot chocolate staring out into the wide open spaces... pure bliss and lushness!  This spacious summerhouse in northern Bohuslan and was designed by Swedish Architect,  Mikael Bergquist to be virtually maintenance free on the exterior. The open plan living and kitchen areas opens up via large sliding glass partitions to easily form part of the outside terrace.

First spotted via:  Nordic Design Blog
Images via:  Mikael Bergquist Architect
Photos:  Mikael Olsson

Sunday, 28 December 2014


A little quiet sweet German breakfast I had this morning ... all on my own and t'was rather divine.  As much as I loved having a full house over the festive days - it was a little luxury to have this morning to digest all the merriness of the past few days, think about the past year and how much has happened on so many levels, but also to start preparing emotionally and physically for the new year that is blinking and winking at us from just around the corner.  

I'll just touch briefly on a couple of things - and by writing this post I'll also reflect and 'recement' so to speak, my thoughts on 2015.  I am not big on new years resolutions as such, but personally I feel that the last few days of the year is an important time to start opening up to the new year and to what it unfold; and to also start the process of putting away what is behind, take with us the lessons we've learnt, and embrace wholeheartedly what is ahead.  Life is not about what happens to us, its about what we attract into our lives;  how we react - its about playing your best even if you've been dealt a crappy hand.  Sometimes you need to bluff a bit along the way, with a twinkle in our eyes and faith in our hearts that things will look up; that things are looking up.

By bluffing I mean the little things in life, in your life and my life ... sometimes when you wake up feeling a tad blue for no reason - put on your brightest dress and your prettiest smile and go conquer that day!   Its quite alright and quite normal to not always wake up feeling amazing - but it's how you react to not feeling amazing; you have two choices - one is to mope around and share your blues with any soul that would care to listen, try and delve deeper into understanding why it is you are feeling blue - or, you could acknowledge you are feeling low, but choose not to spend the whole day feeling blue or thinking about it.  Life is a matter of choice.   We need to actively live, live with purpose and take courage each day,  we are not all guaranteed a tomorrow - but as long as you wake up to another new day - make that day count!

I want to be honest with myself as I am about to put 2014 to rest;  I want to be gentler with myself in the new year; I want to take more time for me and unplug regularly and recharge fully.  I want to grow spiritually and explore the journey deeper and with more conviction.  I want to share my experiences and learn about others experiences - I want to embrace new friendships, and shed those that are stagnating and not allowing me to grow into this year in a positive way.

I will stay healthy and active, I will write more letters and postcards and send thank you notes,  I will encourage and I will always wear a smile!  I will read more and expand my horizons both through books and through travel.  I will start the new year with expectation, yet gratefully and on my knees.  

We all have different ideas and thoughts about life, about the new year, about challenges and trials and tribulations along the way - and that's all ok. But one thing we always need to remember is this...

Always be true to yourself, let your true self shine into this new year, shine so much so that you'll not only shine but also reflect the radiance and shine of others.  Create a positive frequency around you, and keep going darlings, just keep going, keep doing good and keep smiling along the way

Much love to you all for a dazzling last few days of 2014 and embrace with clarity and courage what is ahead xxx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Image Source:    |    Design:  Lindé Davies

Wishing each and every one of you a most wonderful Christmas time.  This year I finally got round to designing my own little set of Christmas cards - just for close friends and family.  I originally saw the image of the flamingo's on Pinterest, and managed to track it down to the very talented designer and creative force behind Skinny Creative, Sonya Skinner.  She kindly granted me permission to use her design as the main image for my Christmas cards - thanks again so much Sonya!

Below are a few pictures of my evening tonight, writing a few cards and wrapping a couple of token gifts for friends.  I had some Christmas Carols playing in the background, and my candles were lit... felt very festive indeed!

My message on the card is one I often share - in my musings and writings and the slogan reads as follow:

'this card is not only for xmas'  in other words - don't just wait for this one festive season to send someone a card or to wish them a happy day.  When you think of someone, pop out to the shop, or better even make your own unique design and send that someone a card.  Or a postcard - in this modern day we live in, it is so true - we are so connected to the whole wide world and know what's happening in each corner of the world .... and yet we don't know what it means any more to reach out to another human being or a friend who's going through a tough time.  Its more a matter of us becoming blind to human emotion ...

Thanks to you all for stopping by and reading my posts and sharing comments - thank you also for all your inspirational blogposts and writings and imagery which oh so often just make my day!

Shout out to you all - you are amazing, and inspiring and so very talented!  Keep creating and inspiring - but... now that we have some holidays over the Christmas period - do take some time out, if you are able to.  Take stock of the past year and get your mind and spirit and body well rested, but also rejuvinated and prepared for the year that awaits.  Be grateful for all the very many blessings that come our way each and every single day.  Often too many to even start to count.

You don't have to be religious to be grateful, and you don't have to be spiritual to be kind.  You can be just the way you are - but its important to realise that we are only here for a very small period of time, and during that time - be kind, be grateful, be generous, be honest - be human.  Be a kind human being - I do love that quote!

Share the love this Christmas time - cook up a feast, wash the dishes, laugh and be merry and create a jolly good atmosphere out there wherever you are in the world.  Remember, people won't remember what you said, or what you did... but they will remember how you made them feel

Merry Christmas to you all

Lotsoflove and thanx again for stopping by

Lindé xxx
Image:  Lindé Davies
Image:  Lindé Davies
Image:  Lindé Davies 
Image:  Lindé Davies
Image:  Sonya Skinner

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
This time of year - somehow always arrives a bit unexpectedly - it feels like just yesterday we were still enjoying the last of the summer sun and those long September evenings ... and suddenly here we are - December is in full swing, Christmas Eve is 2 weeks away, office parties and catching up with friends -  shopping and gift wrapping and xmas card writing -  catching up on projects that were left till the last minute... trying to catch our breath as the end of the year is soon rushing closer with each passing day.

Does anyone else feel like the days are getting shorter,  the hours in the day, and how much we can actually accomplish just does not feel to quantify to the same 24 hours we used to have even just 10 years ago.  I wish time could stand still for just a couple of hours a day -  just imagine.... what would you do with you extra hours?

Strange how just one click on the net can lead you somewhere so unexpectedly.  I stumbled upon 'slow-watches' in the same unexpected manner - and before I knew it - a couple of email exchanges, and one late November afternoon I receive my first slow watch!  Almost in a flash!  What makes a slow watch somehow that much more desirable is not only the beautiful and minimalistic design, the lack of any branding or trademarks - or the very unique face - showing a full day, as in all 24 hours of the day!  Genius ... I hear you say,  yes 'genius' is what I thought too first time round!  But what I like most of all is the beauty behind the concept - to slow down in a lifetime where everything seems to be happening in the fast lane, and if you're not running at a hundred miles an hour - you're not part of the game.  No!  That's not what life is about.  Even though at times it could be exhilarating and fun, it can also be exhausting and lead to confusion and burn out.

That's not why we are living, that's not why we are here on this beautiful planet, just to make a living. The concept behind the slow brand is to stop watching time, stop counting the hours till home-time, the minutes till your next meeting - stop running to get on the tube before the doors close....
Take time out, take time to be slow - watch the passing clouds drift by your office window.... escape for an afternoon with your best mate and take a train ride out to the countryside - or the seaside or the mountains - stop clock-watching and start being consciously slow.   (eventhough I must admit, since I have this beauty on my arm - I can't keep my eyes of the slowly passing of the hours!

And I quote from their website  'slow does not describe a speed…. It’s a mindset that most of us somehow lost. As a result of our busy lifestyles, we often forget that we actually have a choice of how to live. The slow watch (we named it slow Jo) is a subtle reminder that time is the most precious thing we have so we should enjoy everything we do and stop chasing every minute. '

The watch itself is Swiss made - perfectly symmetrical - timelessly elegant.  Even the smallest of details where taking into consideration - the packaging is stunning, smooth black and perfectly squared!  I love the chunkiness of it on my slightly slim wrist - and I can easily change from my black leather band to a beautiful mesh strap with a solid and fail-proof clip.  They even include a handy little tool with your strap, which makes it seamlessly easy to change from one to the other. My photos are all with the black leather strap and over the next few weeks I will share some shots of the mesh strap also.  Not sure which is my favorite - I just love both!

The founders of slow are a couple of friends who had the same ideas, the same mindset and vision and the same motivation to create something different, something unique - a beautiful timepiece - and wow!  something very unique was created by this collaboration - not only to tell the time, but to accompany you on your journey, to live an adventurous life - and to take it slow to embrace friendships and spending time with those close to you - learn a new hobby, read a book - go for a surf!  Go be - go live - lets all get out more but take more time to fully enjoy the experience.

And .... if you still haven't found that special gift for that special someone - go on, spoil them - spoil yourself - you won't regret it, I promise you!

Happy festive season to you all...


Images by me
Visit slow watches here

A big thank you to Chris and Corvin at slow for sponsoring this post - you absolutely rock

Monday, 8 December 2014


As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping - I must admit I am starting to feel a little bit more festive by the day.

I'm sharing some lovely neutral Scandi-style Xmassy pics here - I think there must be a bit of  Nordic blue blood running through my veins as I am far more drawn to these pale and natural tones than the bright and bold reds and greens of the west!

Start the count down you beautiful festive people, and lets have a wonderful lead up to Christmas time

Images via Pinterest