Saturday, 25 October 2014


Oh how I would love to sleep in on the weekends; but like a flash of lightning come 7am and I'm wide awake and sometimes have to force myself that extra hour in bed.

That extra hour can be bliss,  coffee in bed and a bit of blogging or pinning or just a bit of reading.  And then the day begins....

Today I've been up and out the door by 7 - hosting a little soiree this evening and had a couple of last minute bits to get;  and now before I start I am going to have a coffee, some breakfast - take a deep breath and start baking!  Most of the prepping is already done, and I have some lovely friends who are heading over early to help setting up and getting ready...

I hope you can have a little sleep in this week-end, rest and relax and recuperate - because before you know it Monday will be upon us like a raging bull!!  And we must be ready to take that bull by the horns and show him what we're made of!  

Have a super week-end you all, and remember its ok to sometimes take things a bit slow - take in all the beauty around you without having to rush around to fill up the hours.  Its nice to be busy,  but remember what socrates had to say.... 

On that note... coffee is calling and I must not delay answering!

Enjoy each moment, and savour the enjoyment of the moment


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  1. wow! those socrates words! EEK!! Beautiful post. Hope your soiree goes well.
    Happy weekend to you