Tuesday, 21 October 2014


'hello beautiful' .... we all know these 2 little words can just about brighten anyone's day.  Especially coming from that someone special in our lives.  Yet some of us have days when we never hear these 2 little words that can put a spring in your step, and brighten your smile.  Maybe some of us haven't yet met that someone special yet.

So today I'm sending you all a 'hello beautiful' from the bottom of my heart.  You are beautiful and lovely and you deserve to be told not only today, but every single special day of your life.  Because each and every day is special.  Lets all reach out and share a little bit of loveliness and make someone's day, lets start a ripple effect and share some love.

Sometimes when we're feeling unloved - those are the times we need to share the love even more, even if we feel empty to the core of our beings.  Keep sharing it, and you'll soon start to feel it again, little by little day by day...  And to think, it all started by opening up your heart just a little bit and by sharing these two little words

'hello beautiful'

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  1. hello beautiful you. Hope you are doing fantastically and feeling beautiful. xx

  2. Thank you darling! Wishing you a beautiful day and a fabulously wonderful weekend ahead. This young lady is hosting a little celebratory 'soiree' this evening, and planning on having a feast of a time! Feeling excited! xx