Friday, 26 September 2014


Here kitty kitty...... grrrr miaow! !!

In a rather mischievous mood this afternoon, and this poster kindof aptly captures just it!
Not sure who the creative force behind my wild and wonderful kitty cat is, but I vow to search and update and credit accordingly

Have a fun and fabulous weekend you all.
Don't take life too seriously
Don't over think

Just go and be the most awesome crazy wonderful you you've ever imagined of being

Ps this is also a note to my fine self that oh so regularly over thinks and over analyse
I say 'No More'!
And I say Yes to be free of the mind and to live fully in the present

Image via Pinterest

Update:  The creative force behind this image is Welsh Artist and Designer Rhys Owens and he has a cool web-shop called Hidden Moves where you can purchase his prints and designs.  Do check it out!

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