Friday, 29 August 2014


This week has flown past, this week my energy levels have also been quite low....  
Until today.  Cause on a Thursday evening I have a Tai Chi and Qi Gong class, and it pretty much is the highlight of my week.  I get so much out of it, it calms the clatter and chitter chatter in my head, it focuses my mind and it strengthens and relaxes and re-energises my body and soul.  I should really get back in the habit of practising regularly.  

After class I felt so good and energised I went for a run - in the dark.  Sometimes its quite nice, its a safe neighbourhood, and there are normally people around, heading home, or heading out, or also heading out for a run.  Was good to get some cardio in at the same time!

But... with all this abundance of energy it also leaves me quite invigorated at this late hour - and not ready for sleep.  So I washed my hair, and here I am - in bed, wet hair, laptop open writing this post.  

And that my darlings is just an ordinary evening, in an ordinary life ....  And I just love this quote, its so perfectly sums it all up.  

'  time stands still best in moment that look suspiciously like ordinary life  '

Sometimes we yearn for the madness and the perfection and the highs and lows of a magnificent life - and I do believe, life is magnificent and I love each and every moment of mine.... but sometimes life also happens in the not so spectacular, the not so special, the random everyday moments of just being, of going to a class, or a group or an event.  Moments of cooking dinner and having a nice chat with a friend....  We need to remember to live and to live fully also in those ordinary moments and to be fully present, fully aware and to fully enjoy those moments of just being ordinary.

Lets keep going in those ordinary moments -  those life moments - but at the same time....

'  keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable  '

Because the unimaginable still happens, and it happens sometimes, no most times when we least expect it.  So be ready, and leave a little room in your heart but in an un-expecting kind of way....

Sleep tight now everyone, and have a great start to the weekend tomorrow, yay its Friday!

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  1. Catching up on your blog posts today. It's a public holiday today! Yay!! Some of these posts seem written just for me. Thank you x