Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I know its not always the easiest thing to always be conscious of where your mind goes wondering - but being aware of your thoughts can make the difference between you having a good day and a bad day.  Just that one small tweak to keep those negative thoughts at bay, and replace them with a neutral or positive thought.

Each morning I try to get up as soon as I wake up .... its a challenge, but one I will muster;  I did say 'try'  I have read somewhere that by getting up as soon as you wake up, you will tap into all that first and fresh energy of the new day.  Wake up with a smile, and a big stretch and open your curtains and blinds and windows wide (its summer now, and believe me its been lovely to have a continuous hot few days; my windows are wide open from the moment I come home to the morning I leave for work.

Fresh air, and that fresh morning air especially is not only good for the body but also good for the soul.  Step outside and be grateful for just one small thing. However small you may think it to be, that small thought of gratefulness will start a chain of positive thoughts to continue being at the front of your thought process.

Smile as you're making your way to work, or to the gym or to a meeting,  listen to some good music,  always dress well (even on dress down days,  you will feel good when you look good,  you know what I mean)  Be helpful, do the best you can every day, and at the end of the day, tell yourself well done!  Being human with all our feelings and emotions and distractions can be one darn challenging experience, and by having a good day;  that is consciously creating a good day, by just making a few small changes, your outlook will soon change,  and as your outlook changes, your circumstances will soon start changing, the right people, the right opportunities will start appearing, your whole life will change - because you decided to make that change.

Change your thoughts and you'll change your world!  Lets all try and work on this small yet powerful concept, and I promise you the rewards will be worth it!

Have a consciously great day, and if its not started out as a good day; you still have the power within you to do something that will make the day good; maybe compliment someone on a good piece of work, or thank someone for keeping the door open for you,  maybe by making someone else's day good for just one moment, you will feel a bit better - you will get a positive response and that will make you feel good.

Go out and feel good and have a feel good day you all!

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