Friday, 27 June 2014


Villa Clementina

Dreaming of weekends away in tranquil locations such as the above...

And on that note and a splurge of spontaneity I booked a flight to visit a friend in the South of France in August for a long weekend of countryside bliss and hopefully some sun and sea and sand!  Oh and did I mention there will be wine too...?

I am rather looking forward to a lovely girly weekend lined-up: 
Saturday I am going for my 6 monthly dry-(hair)-cut outing with my gorgeous friend Gabby, followed by afternoon tea at BB's bakery.  And Sunday morning my darling friend Marie is coming over for some Qi Gong in the garden, followed by brunch and some girly chitter chatter!  Oh the bliss of all of this!

Are you doing anything nice?  Whatever it may be, have a lovely and inspired weekend you all


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