Thursday, 26 June 2014



Having just brewed a nice and potent cup of 'bulletproof coffee' to kickstart my day; I stumbled upon this beautifully designed gift tea set.  And somehow my super strong coconut coffee slightly lost its flavour....

The Dieline had this to say:  "Victor Branding Design Corp created a simple yet illustrative package design for Pin Shiang Tea Co., Ltd.'s Formosa Ecology Tea Gift Set. "The packaging design of this fine Taiwanese tea collection not only invites to enjoy a cup of tea, it furthermore communicates the necessity for the protection of certain species. The front of each tea package shows an endangered animal, most of which are endemic to Taiwan.
The charming illustrations have an emotional appeal and call for responsibility towards nature. In this context, the design also points out the importance of sustainable tea production and motivates customers to buy the gift box containing three varieties of tea."

Would love to sell this in my 'once upon a time' shop one day!  Can we not do something similar for the dwindling Rhinoceros and Elephant herds of Southern Africa? 

Image first spotted via Pinterest

Text via thedieline

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