Friday, 30 May 2014


And just where have you been all week? Looming and hiding way behind Wednesdays and teasing us with your almost magical presence on Thursdays.  And just sure as the sun comes up in the morning you were here today... as promised; always on time.

So here's to you Friday;  the happiest day of the week; the day of the week people look forward to most; anyone who's ever had a bad week or gone through a tough time.... just knowing that Friday is just a few more days of 'holding on and holding out' away, that thought has pulled a lot of us through.
So Friday - thank you for being a great day almost always,  the hopes of whatever we wish to do on the weekend is under your command.  And by that I mean this: ever had the best intentions to go for an early morning run on a Saturday;  followed by a lush and healthy hearty breakfast while the rest of the world is still in a deep sleeping coma..... but on Friday night you caught up with a friend over dinner followed by a slightly later night than planned; which in return means the early morning run on Saturday has gone straight out the window.  That my dear friends is what I meant when I said the rest of your weekend is under Friday's command.

For me I prefer early mornings to late nights out - there is just so much more day out there by just getting up an hour earlier than you normally would. Go on; try it; do it and then let me know how the rest of your day turned out.  It can only be good I promise you!  Start the day by being grateful; that's always first on my list. Grateful for a good night's sleep, grateful for a bright new day, grateful for the challenges and what we have learnt from them, grateful for all the little things that sometimes go unnoticed, and grateful for being who we are and who we are becoming and who we will be one day. Every day we need to ensure we plant good and positive little seeds in our spiritual worlds so when one day we come to reap the harvest; it would be healthy and good and strong and solid in its roots, to carry us forward on our journeys into the world.

Gosh it feels like I'm bursting at the seams with a new born enthusiasm for all things life has to offer.  I recently; just today stumbled upon a beautiful blog called frank-l-in .  I was pinning away, following a repinned pin, to a pinner and so I came to find this lush blog.  So beautifully written is each post, that I can not wait to read some more.  There is so much honestly and it made me realise that what we put out into the world is so important; we have so many avenues to share our thoughts and minds and dreams, to encourage but also to share when we are feeling down and grey and sad.  I got so much out of this blog just the few posts I have read;  it has inspired me beyond measure because it comes from a good place, a good heart; and it made me realise that there are still so many good people out there all willing in their own unique and special way to share their lives and by doing that they are also enhancing ours. We can relate to certain things;  we can be inspired like I am know; we can also learn about how to be more the person we are meant to be.  We have to be open to it and open to allow life to happen in all its magnificent wonder.

But sometimes you feel like things just ain't working out or things aren't how you imagined them to be.  Things are the way they are for a reason; but each and every one of us also has within our grasp the power to change the here and now; and to be the you you ought to be.  And if you don't know who that is.... think about it like this... imagine you receive a letter through your door; it has your name written on it in a beautifully familiar writing, each letter perfectly formed, a stamp from a far away place, and the date.... a far away time. Your heart is now beating a little bit faster, where did this note come from, and who posted it.... You turn the letter over and on the back who find a familiar name; your name.  Now this is crazy, your hands start to shake and you think someone is playing the fool.... but slowly you tear open the letter, and as you do small particles of shimmering magical life start streaming from within.  You feel light headed and excited all at once.  What's happening to you, what's happening around you?  Whatever it is it feels good, very good.  You know whatever you are about to read will be good.  You open the letter and what comes next is almost unfathomable,  how can this be... is it really happening?

You are about to read a letter from the future you.  The you, you are to become..... now its your turn to write this note from the future you.  What will you tell yourself, how will you be,  who will you be..... one things I'd like to ask is to tell yourself that everything will be ok in the end, and if it's not ok, its not the end...

So I want to say thank you to my dear new blogger friend for sharing and for sharing in a voice that feels real and honest and kind.  And thanks for the inspiration! Here's to one and all our of journeys through life, let's make each moment count, lets make each moment though small it may be, mighty in our commitment to having a full filling life, filled to the brims of our potential!  Share your stories and inspire, make your voices heard.

Here's to a good Friday and a great weekend you all

A few inspiration morsels for the weekend via frank-l-in

And a couple of personal favourites....

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