Monday, 17 February 2014


With summer around the corner;  well exactly 38 hours away and counting ....  images of bright hot sunny days, clear blue skies, and shimmery icy cold ocean, crashing waves, lots of laughter and happy smiley faces appear in my minds eye.

Also - time for ice cream, and frozen deserts and lots of it too!

Just as well I stumbled upon these delightful ice cream spoon sets, designed by Naoki Terada.  Noaki Terada is the Japanese Architect who invented these stylishly beautiful heat-conducting spoons that slice right through your rock solid ice cream, softening as it cuts through the frosty fare.

'Tereada deserves some kind of medal for his innovative utensil, dubbed 15.0%, a reference to the Japanese regulation that requires ice cream to include 15 percent milk solids. With a wide handle, the spoon is designed with the shape of your hand in mind, in order to give you more power when you exert the brute force to required to extract your desert from the carton.
Made out of aluminum, it comes in three styles specific to different flavor, each shaped for optimum bowl-scraping. The vanilla version has an egg-shaped tip, the chocolate model comes with an angular end, and the strawberry one is more like a spork. While the spoon is supposed to be sturdy enough to help you gorge on ice cream, you might not have the strength to resist. '  [Lemnos via Inventor Spot]

Now the only questions remains:  Where can I get my hand on a gorgeous little set of 15.0% spoons?

First spotted via Pinterest
Images via Japantrendshop, and gizmodo

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