Sunday, 26 January 2014


I got up early this morning, so I could have a bit more day to enjoy.  Set the alarm for 7:20 , snoozed a bit and got up at 7:40 am.   It is Sunday after all.... 

Nonetheless I made my way downstairs and put on some coffee - when I looked out the backdoor over the garden my eyes were drawn to the most beautiful pink skies and shimmers of sun-streaks - this was daybreak.  It only lasted a couple of minutes but in those minutes I felt so blessed to have been able to enjoy such a magnificent scene in the quiet of the day.

I like early mornings when its quiet outside and the world is still in slumber, there's a certain magical energy which I just don't feel later on in the day.  In the week I can't fully appreciate early mornings as its always a bit of a rush to get ready for work and out the door;  but - now I have found this happy place again I know its worth getting up just a tad earlier for and to enjoy in silence and start the day with some early morning reflections.

Have a great Sunday everybody,  even though it may be grey out there, always carry your happy place in your heart


Image via design shimmer

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