Monday, 6 January 2014


 For Dad:

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My parents sometimes read my blog!  Isn't that the most special thing ever?
Mom is coming up to 82 the end of January and my dad is in his late seventies.  I speak to them every day and we never run out of things to say.

So today I asked my mom what dad thought of my latest blog posts..... he thought they were a bit dull - see dad likes bright bold colours, and he dresses very dashingly (with the help of my mom off course!) A very trendy pair they are and I love them immensely and am so grateful to have them as my parents.

Anyhow, so I promised I'll post something colourful for my dad.  But it's not that easy - so I thought I would ease into it with these pretty pastels - and maybe towards the end of the week I'll manage something bright and bold!

When I made some polished cement samples in the summer for my portfolio, I sent my folks a bright turquoise one which my dad absolutely loved!  When I asked him which colour I should do a table top in (in the same polished cement finish.... I couldn't decide between white, grey or slate) he enthusiastically recommended the bright turquoise I had sent them... bless!

The last image I made for them - I do hope they like it!

Love you mom and dad, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog
Means so very much to me, miss you loads, but see in a few weeks time!


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Last image my design

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