Thursday, 22 August 2013


Does anyone else feel like time is in fast forward mode at the moment?  

I feel like there is never enough hours in the day, and not enough days in the week.  
And when I go to bed, before I have even closed my eyes it is morning again.... 
nighttime sleeptime dreamtime all over in a flash.

Sometimes I wish I could just quiet my mind and retreat into an abyss where time does not exist and neither to-do lists.  Where I can just be.

Well... this weekend may be my lucky retreat!  I'm off to the countryside in Wales for a camping and 4x4 trip with my cousin and his girlfriend and their gorgeous little doggy called Peanut!

Lets hope for a cleared mind and calmed thoughts upon my return... 

Image 1 via fotocommunity
Image 2 via nasty-frog.deviantart

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  1. Ciao Lindè..I'm Vince from Milano..are u the same blonde green eyes girl i met once in cape town at Company's Gardens ? It was july 1997..long time ago i know..if so, would be nice get in contact again..this is my email :
    Anyway, i agree with u about ur last pst. Time runs too fast sometimes to appreciate daily emotions..Ciao