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Casa Cardenas features in July's Elle Deco - and I've spent many a journey with this issue on my lap - dreaming over the inspiring images and thinking of how wonderfully and tastefully decorated this dream home really is.  Then I decided to blog about it and was delighted to find that you (and I) can actually stay in this wonderful Mexican dream....  just visit the airbnb page here, check availability, pay the deposit.... and off we go!

And I quote from the Airbnb listing "Located on Calle 53 (the most sought after street in Merida) the location is quiet yet situated close to all the best attractions. Leafy Santiago Park, with its beautiful church and daily market, is just two blocks away.Within a short stroll are the arts district of Santa Ana, the nightly festivities of the main square and Merida's answer to the Champs Elysees, Paseo Montejo, with its bars, mansions and elegant restaurants.
The newly renovated colonial home has been skillfuly designed to satisfy modern sensibilities, providing ample natural light, cooling breezes and a spacious yard and rooftop terrace on which to entertain. For dinner, a private chef can also be arranged"

Three years ago two travel writers, Adam McCulloch and Emma Sloley bought a single storey home
in a quiet block in the historic center of Merida.  They undertook the renovation themselves, without the help of an Architect or Designer and hired a Mayan construction crew who did all the work by hand without the use of any machines or wheelbarrows.

I love what they have done with the space - and the little casita at the end of the long narrow plot that overlooks the pool.  I could while away plenty a day just chilling by that pool....

The bathrooms are just exquisite and I love the mix of neutral tones and bright bold colours.  Normally I am not too inspired by bold brightness - but here it just works and works so well and completes and compliments the space rather nicely.  All in all this is one of my most favorite finds thus far.

You can read the full article from the New York Times below

Images via NY Times and Airbnb

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