Saturday, 22 June 2013


Just stumbled upon this post I started way back in 2012 and just never got round to finishing - does this happen to anyone else?  When you come across something beautiful to share, and then something happens and you never get round to finishing what you're doing.  This seems to be happening to me a lot these days, not just on the blogging front but also in life.  Easily distracted I am...

Need to focus, need to stick to my lists and not get distracted so easily, so quickly.  And need to have just the one to-do list and not lists in lots of different places.  So from today I am going to get organised again, organise my life and organise my time.  Time is so precious and so is each day.  I feel like I am getting the most out of each day, but not always on the admin side of things, which is also important.  So I guess a little bit less of the nice things (reading blogs, pinterest and blogging and sketching) and more of the admin things... just for a while until I'm back and up to date again.  [OK I'll be honest, I have just one sketch I will finish and then that's it!)

So todays post will be short and sweet and just sharing this beautiful and minimal whitewashed wood and concrete home.  At the time (March 2012) it was up for sale; I wonder who the lucky folk are that now live in this calm and inviting home - wouldn't it be nice to just pack up and move to Sweden?

Images via nordicbliss

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