Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Designer Søren Rose says "Reflect owes its stunning and unique look to the phenomenon that has inspired it: Scandinavia's natural light. The four corners of each front has a unique curve and thickness that contributes to the tray reflections. The design and craftsmanship also underlines the warm and natural feeling of the oak, it also sends a tribute to the masters of classic Scandinavian furniture craftsmanship. '  

Designer: Søren Rose is one of the hottest Danish designers and interior experts right now, and they have also discovered outside the country. For months he commuted between New York and Copenhagen to do his job, but at last he took the consequences of its success and established a design studio in NYC and moved over there. He initially worked on web design and is self-taught designer. In 2008 he started his own studio in Copenhagen, from which both performed furniture design, interior design and web design.
Info: The sideboard is made ​​of oak, and it is also available as black lacquered, l 180 xd 40 xh 69.5 cm.
You can buy it in MONK Shop, Torvegade 25, 1400 Copenhagen K.
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