Thursday, 2 May 2013


I am so happy today - yesterday I finally managed to upgrade my Mac, and now I am working on a neat little Macbook Air - I can sit in the garden and work, or head out to a cafe, or take it along to meetings.  And best of all .... it is super speedy, and I have written this blog post in absolutely no time!  Very grateful for all of this.

I found these stunning images via the Scandinavian Retreat blog.  I think I would've been very comfortable to have lived in the 1950's - and even today still this style is so very timeless.  I have some furniture from that era; unfortunately they are in storage for the moment, but I know someday we will be reunited again.  In these images I love the whitewashed brick walls - and I also like the exposed brick walls, the open shelves and the minimalistic furniture - pretty much everything indeed!

Have a lovely day to you all - it's sunny and bright in London, and I am sat in the kitchen with the warm sun bursting in through the open doors.  Later on I will be doing some more concrete work outside, but first I have some project work to get on with...

Via Scandinavian Retreat

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