Thursday, 30 May 2013


Today I am excited to share with you a project from a new found and new favourite Architecture Studio, Cheung Vogl Architects.

And I quote "Cheungvogl is a multilingual and multicultural international design studio founded by Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl after their contributions to Lord Norman Foster’s headquarters in London, UK.  The practise's creative team is based in HK with site offices in China and Germany.

Their architecture often encompasses multiple fields of design, ranging from urban scale through to details of interiors and products.   Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl consistently redefine boundaries between architecture, art and design. Their projects not only experiment with architectural phenomenon, they often express certain sensitivity through reinterpretation of non-material substances. Their passionate engagement with ‘time’ as an integral part of their palette forms a new typology within the limitless context of space and experiences. They interrupt and express time as an extension of life, which is simply engaged in our everyday experiences. Time is not a measurable ‘unit’; its vague existence is undoubtedly beyond the physical parameters of lengths, widths and heights. Quality is not measured by cubic meters; it is the feeling of contentment, the emotions that one remembers. The simultaneous engagement between time, architecture, art and culture is their passion and commitment. 

Cheungvogl: Architecture is the structure of anything."

I am sharing one of their many projects that caught my attention and imagination:  The 2 Houses project, in Tokyo.  They beautifully designed this project according to the client's requirements:
Calm, but not sterile
Humble, and yet unexpected
Economical, nothing extravagant
Open space with flexible floor plans and a space to contemplate.

I love the use of concrete, the courtyard spaces and the lightness and brightness of it all.  What more could one ask for!  Oh and did I mention that this project came in under budget?  Read more about it here.

Images via Cheung Vogl

Sunday, 26 May 2013



This past week has been a rather busy and vibrant one in London's EC1 at Clerkenwell Design Week and most showrooms and studios in the area opened its doors wide, put on special events and hosted talks and parties - and all with one theme in common - design.  Be it architecture, furniture and interiors or interesting finishes... it was a feast to all senses!

From today I will blog about what I saw, talks I attended and anything else that caught my attention.  

Today's post is about the beautiful Perillo chair, designed by Martin Ballendat.

"Dauphin is one of the world's leading office seating manufacturers, recognized in more than 50 countries for our proven competence in the field.
Perillo is made of thermo plastic with a high gloss finish.  Crafted from one continuous sheet of material, the seat surface, backrest and armrests offer an uninterrupted line that forms this ultra modern chair.  Its sophisticated design, yet simple sculpted appearance makes it the perfect choice for lobbies, touchdown spaces and more."
Dauphin fitted out the main talks room in the Farmiloe Building with the ZUCO Perillo and little Perillo chairs - and I can confirm they were most certainly a hit with the crowds of design folk and students who attended. There was a competition to win one of these gorgeous Little Perillo's - I wonder who got lucky!
I visited their showroom and was shown around by the delightful Dauphin team;  they know their stuff and are passionate about Dauphin and what they do.   We were treated to a tasty selection of wines from their wine estate - Allee Bleue, in sunny South Africa. 
I guess now all that's left is to start saving up for a Perillo of my very own!
Little Perillo at The Farmiloe Building for CDW

3rd Floor, 11 Northburgh Street

Теl. +44 (207) 253 77 74

Images via various sources

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Very excited about the start of Clerkenwell Design Week today.  Had a sneak peak yesterday at the Farmiloe building, and oh I just don't quite know where to start!   There will be lots of very informative and interesting talks, open studios and pop-up venues in and around Clerkenwell.  And plenty of GREAT design all around!  I've spotted MUUTO already, and the reflect sideboard I blogged about a few weeks back is on display, cannot wait to see it up close!

I'll be mostly at the Farmiloe buiding, facilitating some of the talks - today at 2:30pm Kirsten Zumstein chairs an insightful talk on workplace design featuring Linda Morey Smith, Colin MacGadie from BDG and Paul Dunn from RTKL.

And at 6pm an architecturally focused panel discussion, chaird by Tom Dyckhoff bringing together lead thinkers to explore work and ideas involving construction and habitation on water.  This is one I most definitely won't want to miss.

Pop in and say hello!

For more info do visit Clerkenwell Design Week and hope to see you there!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


This residential project is located in San Angel in the South of Mexico City.   The plot is rectangular and measures 20 x 10m, with the house constructed on exactly half of the space.   The other half contains an amazing  minimalist courtyard and in such creates 2 specific areas of positive and negative space - both feeding into each other, and from each other.

The black walls and wooden screens with bits of lush greenery is soothing and very calming and almost has a 'boutique hotel' feel.

Images via Dezeen

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I think I have just found my dream bathroom!  Tadelakt finished from the walls to the basin to the little bath and floors -  in this beautiful white Tierrafino stone Tadelakt.  Just stunning!

Images via Tierrafino

Monday, 13 May 2013



Today's eye candy is all the way from Poland!  I found some amazing images via Pinterest of some extraordinary projects by Mateusz Kuo Stolarski - founder and chief Architect at Tamizo Architects.

Today I am sharing just a few favourite images of R House - but as you can imagine and looking at the many images in todays post.... they were pretty much ALL my favourites!  Tamizo Architects was responsible for the beautiful interior design of this house.

I love the lounge arrangement with the sofa's - some facing the fireplace and some facing the plasma TV - but still a wonderfully connected space - I love the views beyond the fireplace and that finish - is it stone or a concrete finish?  I can't really tell, but I love it all the same.  The colours and tones the whites and greys and blacks and wood.

And now onto the kitchen,  all white and minimal - the Gaggenau appliances are woo-worthy in such a beautifully designed space.  I do love all of it!  

I am excited about life and about what each new day may hold.  And I am happy that there are so many inspiration out there to keep me focused and motivated to also bring some beauty into the world. 

Have a great week everybody!

Images via Tamizo Architects

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Designer Søren Rose says "Reflect owes its stunning and unique look to the phenomenon that has inspired it: Scandinavia's natural light. The four corners of each front has a unique curve and thickness that contributes to the tray reflections. The design and craftsmanship also underlines the warm and natural feeling of the oak, it also sends a tribute to the masters of classic Scandinavian furniture craftsmanship. '  

Designer: Søren Rose is one of the hottest Danish designers and interior experts right now, and they have also discovered outside the country. For months he commuted between New York and Copenhagen to do his job, but at last he took the consequences of its success and established a design studio in NYC and moved over there. He initially worked on web design and is self-taught designer. In 2008 he started his own studio in Copenhagen, from which both performed furniture design, interior design and web design.
Info: The sideboard is made ​​of oak, and it is also available as black lacquered, l 180 xd 40 xh 69.5 cm.
You can buy it in MONK Shop, Torvegade 25, 1400 Copenhagen K.
See more at . 

Image and text via

Saturday, 4 May 2013


I love outdoor spaces, courtyard spaces and interesting spaces with a bit of greenery.  This mid-century mansion is set on more than 2 acres in Holmby Hill (Southern California I think) and even though there are some hints here and there of mid-century design elements and furniture pieces - overall I felt the interiors just a bit overdone.

This wonderful courtyard on the other hand is just beautiful - inviting, spacious and a feeling of calm and tranquility; a lovely space to entertain in, but just a nice space to just relax in with a book and a cup of tea.  How wonderful is that tree growing into the courtyard and the proportions and colour tones are harmonious and well planned.

Images via LA Times,0,7993600.photogallery

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I am so happy today - yesterday I finally managed to upgrade my Mac, and now I am working on a neat little Macbook Air - I can sit in the garden and work, or head out to a cafe, or take it along to meetings.  And best of all .... it is super speedy, and I have written this blog post in absolutely no time!  Very grateful for all of this.

I found these stunning images via the Scandinavian Retreat blog.  I think I would've been very comfortable to have lived in the 1950's - and even today still this style is so very timeless.  I have some furniture from that era; unfortunately they are in storage for the moment, but I know someday we will be reunited again.  In these images I love the whitewashed brick walls - and I also like the exposed brick walls, the open shelves and the minimalistic furniture - pretty much everything indeed!

Have a lovely day to you all - it's sunny and bright in London, and I am sat in the kitchen with the warm sun bursting in through the open doors.  Later on I will be doing some more concrete work outside, but first I have some project work to get on with...

Via Scandinavian Retreat