Wednesday, 24 April 2013


These last  few days have really been feeling like springtime - fresh and bright and blue skies and sunny.  I have made the most of today and am working from the kitchen with the doors wide open and the fresh air and sunshine streaming in

I'm working from home because a couple of weeks ago I've had some unfortunate news:  I've been told that I have lost my job.  Quite a shock at first, but I guess there was really no other way- and I will write more about that at another time.  Some really great things have already happened in the two weeks since it all happened and I am so very grateful for some new opportunities that I can now explore.  I am working on some proposals for some new freelance work, and every now and then dipping into some inspiring blogs and off course *pinterest*.  Also started work on my first concrete furniture piece, it should be ready to photograph and share over the week-end... all I can say for now is that it's a lovely olivey-greeney-grey...

I have recently also found a beautiful and gentle and very inspirational blog called 'honeypielivingetc' and tomorrow I'll be sharing some of my favorite images by the author and photographer Hannah Lemholt. She is so very talented in all she sees and does and photographs and her blog is now a firm new favorite of mine... so please do check in again tomorrow

Have a lovely and sunny and bright day to all


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