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I have never been to Ibiza... and sadly that's a fact.  

I would certainly love to visit the island and experience a bit of *Balearic Bliss* - perhaps more for the beautiful beaches and scenery than the all night parties... but then again a bit of a night out may be a welcome distraction right about now.

Indeed it's that time of year when we all start to dream up plans for our summer holidays; where we'd like to go and who with and when.... and we start exploring and finding dreamlike getaways like the minimalistic finca above.  

Now I did not know what 'finca' means, and for anyone else who may wonder - here's what Wikipedia says:  "A finca [ˈfiŋka] (Spanish for an "estate") refers to a piece of rural or agricultural land, typically with a cottage, farmhouse or estate buildings present, and often adjacent to a woodland or plantation. Especially in tourism the term has recently gained the colloquial meaning of a holiday home in a rural setting, situated on the Spanish mainland, the Balearics and the Canary Islands, and throughout the countries of Spanish-speaking Latin America. The fincas can typically look back on an extensive development history, and are often older than 300 years. In some regions however, though especially on the Balearics, new buildings are erected, which by their apparent style and settings, remind of, and are orientated along the lines of a finca."

Facing 180º sea views, terraces on different levels with more spectacular views and set on a 2000m2 plot within a natural protected bay with a hidden pebble beach down the mountain... oh and did I mention the pool?  

Looking at the beautiful interiors; this property has been tastefully modernized with lots of cool concrete, white modern furniture and rustic wooden pieces here and there adds just that tad of rustic charm to make this retreat top of my list!

Images via style-files and homedit

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