Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today I am delighted to share some favorite images by a very talented photographer, Hannah Lemholt.  I have noticed her magical images a little while back; they are strikingly captivating and at the same time gentle and mysterious. After following the links I found her blog 'honepieLIVINGetc' - and what a treasure of beautiful photography and styling, subtle images captured in a magical dreamlike way... I am in awe...

I can truly say that up to now, I have not come across anyone who can capture a moment so beautifully; a moment that, in a second can capture your imagination and translate into a dreamlike story, something mystical and magical and just simply beautiful.  I am inspired each time I see Hannah's images and I think she sees the world beautifully too - I am very grateful to have stumbled upon such a talented and kind individual and I am happy that I may share these images with you all.

I hope you are inspired too... Hannah, thank you for being inspirational!

All images courtesy Hannah Lemholt, 'honepieLIVINGetc'

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