Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Wow... my Mac is now really slow... really really slow... I know and have known for a while that I will need to upgrade, and I guess I will need to look at this sooner rather than later, because what should have been a quick post all about 'Copper Love' and the latest trend of using copper and brass in interiors - has turned into almost an hour long struggle with not only a slow and unresponsive Mac, but also my gmail account keeps telling me I've signed in from another location.... Spooky...  I have now changed my password twice and every time I'm trying to log in I'm told it's the wrong password...

Anyhow, I'm here and logged in (for now) and think I need to get this done with before the morning is over!  Sorry for the uninformative post... but hopefully these images will inspire.  I think I'll be revisiting Cool Copper Love again soon, with a bit more flesh to the bone!

I have found some wonderfully inspiring copper and brass images from some wonderfully inspiring blogs and websites which you may find inspiring as well.

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