Sunday, 27 January 2013


I should really be keeping busy with all my admin so I can file my tax return before the deadline this coming Thursday...

But it's far more enjoyable reading some new inspiring blogs and finding some new inspiring images to blog about.  At the same time it's like a big dark cloud hanging over my subconscious mind, and I guess the sooner I get it done the better...  So one last post - and the only way I know I will really do it, is to promise myself I won't do another blog post until my return is filed.  There... I've said it, now I need to stick to my word and just do it.  I will feel so much lighter, and I can start planning *out and aboutings* again as well as my next big holiday home to South Africa.

Today I found a wonderful new blog called Wisuella - its this image I saw on Pinterest that led me to her blog, and I'm so happy now that I clicked that link.  On her blog I saw these images of New Norm Dinnerware ... so I went to their website, and I quote...
"When midsummer’s blue skies transform to the grey depths of autumn … When the dense forest tranquility opens harmoniously on to the fresh and rolling sea … When the changing light, landscape and seasons are both an essential part of life and a source of eternal joy … Then you are in Scandinavia."

Designed by my favorite Scandinavian Architect Duo - Norm and produced by Menu - New Norm has found a happy home at the a new Copenhagen restaurant called Host.  And a more suited match could not be found.  The food beautifully complement the dinnerware, and the dinnerware emphasize the deliciously presented food.  Inspiration for both are found in nature, from the changing of the Nordic seasons to the beautiful landscapes all around.

Here's a few more of my favorite images via New Norm

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