Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I love this pic of my mum, so elegant and stylish!
I think she was probably my age now in this pic, and today she is 81

I am so blessed to have such a special and inspiring mum, not only is she my mother, but also one of my closest and dearest friends.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday today xxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I should really be keeping busy with all my admin so I can file my tax return before the deadline this coming Thursday...

But it's far more enjoyable reading some new inspiring blogs and finding some new inspiring images to blog about.  At the same time it's like a big dark cloud hanging over my subconscious mind, and I guess the sooner I get it done the better...  So one last post - and the only way I know I will really do it, is to promise myself I won't do another blog post until my return is filed.  There... I've said it, now I need to stick to my word and just do it.  I will feel so much lighter, and I can start planning *out and aboutings* again as well as my next big holiday home to South Africa.

Today I found a wonderful new blog called Wisuella - its this image I saw on Pinterest that led me to her blog, and I'm so happy now that I clicked that link.  On her blog I saw these images of New Norm Dinnerware ... so I went to their website, and I quote...
"When midsummer’s blue skies transform to the grey depths of autumn … When the dense forest tranquility opens harmoniously on to the fresh and rolling sea … When the changing light, landscape and seasons are both an essential part of life and a source of eternal joy … Then you are in Scandinavia."

Designed by my favorite Scandinavian Architect Duo - Norm and produced by Menu - New Norm has found a happy home at the a new Copenhagen restaurant called Host.  And a more suited match could not be found.  The food beautifully complement the dinnerware, and the dinnerware emphasize the deliciously presented food.  Inspiration for both are found in nature, from the changing of the Nordic seasons to the beautiful landscapes all around.

Here's a few more of my favorite images via New Norm

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Today I'm inspired by this one image  ...  do you like it too?  

Looking at it instantly makes me feel calm and centered and safe and inspired...

This is the home of Jacqueline Morabito -  more to follow soon...

Have a lovely week-end 

Image via http://www.jacquelinemorabito.com/


Thursday, 24 January 2013


I am totally drawn to this mountain retreat in Central Otago by Fearon Hay Architects from New Zealand.  At only 100 square meters, and I must add, 100 amazingly well designed square meters - it surely does have all one can ask of a mountain retreat.

Concrete, stone, wood and stark and dark interiors, and then a sudden burst of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes through those full height windows,  summer, winter, autumn and spring - I think any season and any day of the week will allow for a truly relaxing stay and inspiring stay.  I can imagine the long cold winter nights passing in a flash in front of the glow of that fireplace... I can imagine staying here forever! 

I am particularly interested in the finish they used for the kitchen furniture... love the surprising texture they've added to the mix with the wooden door panel on the column unit.   It's most certainly inspiring - the whole project very well done!

Do visit http://fearonhay.com/ for more inspirational architecture
Photography by Patrick Reynolds

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies

When I woke up this morning I was excited to see that we had even more snow during the night.  I couldn't wait to get out with my camera.  There is a park very close to where I live and I could not imagine a more magical sight, almost dreamlike!

In all my time in London this is the most snow I've ever seen, everything changes, everything is quiet and bright and white.  It's very *very* cold outside, but I don't really mind it so much having so much beauty to admire.  To be honest, its a little bit chilly indoors now as well, and I think its time for the central heating to come on...

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend wherever you are!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Tonight was one of those nights.... icy cold outside .... nice and cozy inside.  And what better way to spend the evening, than with a hot chocolate in one hand, my keyboard in the other and my favorite blogs on my screen...

But tonight I stumbled upon a new blog called PLANETE DECO a homes world
written by a Parisian called Lilly Rose.  I've just read her introduction and she sounds lovely and sweet and like all of us she is dreaming of a bigger brighter home!  Well Lilly Rose, here's to all our dreams come true...

On Planete Deco I found this post - about a beautiful family holiday home on the West Coast of South Africa, a couple of hours drive from Cape Town - located in a small see side town called 'Dwarskersbos'. 

I can now vaguely recall this project: while I was living in Cape Town a couple of years ago - I managed an interiors showroom called 'Cured Cement' and we worked with an amazing range of cement/ concrete finishing products by a well known manufacturer called Cemcrete.  One of our applicators at the time mentioned this project to me.  I'm just going to reconfirm it's definitely his work, so I can link him in.

I am still a very big fan of concrete finishes, especially when it's done with such perfection.... 
a perfect imperfection as those in the know will say.  I love the warmer tones they have used in this house against the crisp white walls and perfect blue skies.

My sister has a beautiful holiday home called 'C'est La Vie' in the same coastal town and I'm hoping to spend a good few days there in March with my family.  Sunshine, sea and sand and wide open spaces await.

And until then... I can just keep dreaming of my own retreat of a holiday home....

The original feature was in House and Leisure

Just found some more amazing images here:  Casa Sanchia

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I've been reading my way through many websites and blogs this evening.  Nothing really stood out enough for me to want to write about it.  Perhaps its a bit of mid winter blues, because usually in no time I would find at least a handful of interesting designs or posts, and I'd be all excited to start sharing... eventhough lately my posts have been quite few and far between, I have still been looking and saving (hopefully for near future postings)

Sometimes though I find myself looking for smaller projects and spaces, where you can appreciate the efforts that had gone on behind the scenes to create such perfection yet on a much smaller scale.  Also I guess because I find immense inspiration from these kinds of designs.

So obviously I was delighted when I flicked through Freshome and came across *Hiyoshi House* by Enjoy and Architecture or EANA as they are better known, from Kanagawa in Japan.  The practice is still relatively young and was only established in 2009 by KOHEI IWASAKI and TOTA ABE.

I like the small footprint of this house, and I love the double volume living room with views out over the landscape, and also up onto the beautifully decked terrace area.  The bedroom and entrance are on the ground floor, with the living, kitchen and dining on the first, and the terrace almost at a mezzanine level looking down into the living room, and out over the landscape.  What better place to enjoy the early morning sunrise...

I love the simplicity and minimalism and how easy the rooms and spaces seem to flow.  A lovely lived in space - this is how we live, we have stuff, and the inhabitants of this house is happy to share that insight - and combine their belongings and treasures in a beautiful way in this minimalist home.  

Monday, 7 January 2013


And I quote via Wallpaper...

"The home of a young South African family living in Switzerland, this new build by Barcelona- and Zurich-based architect Gus Wüstemann is situated in the village of Erlenbach, outside Zurich.

The site, on a slope along the lake, offers beautifully long views, which the clients were determined to make the most of. Adding to the design challenge, they also asked for a mostly horizontal house, on level with the garden, rather than a structure favouring vertical living.

The architect responded by stretching out along the periphery of the property, placing the main house at the top of the slope and the pool house below. Two stone-lined verandas - from which the house gets its name - link the two volumes via a wide, cascading staircase. At the centre of the landscape is where he placed the planted courtyard.

The main residence is made predominantly of stone and concrete, with interior details crafted from travertine and wood; Wüstemann favours natural, textured materials. The broad, two-level dwelling includes living and entertaining areas on the top, facing the street, open to carefully framed views to
Lake Zurich and overlooked by skylights. The bedrooms downstairs look towards the courtyard, each separated from the other by a wooden 'curtain'. A lower-ground floor hosts a gym, screening room and wine cellar.

Wüstemann gave the structure an almost Mediterranean feel with wide, open spaces that give on to the outdoors. Immense floor-to-ceiling openings with glass walls in the place of windows highlight the house's relationship to its forested surroundings. Playing with textures instead of colours and keeping the volumes low and flexible, the architect produced a large, comfortably minimal house fit for modern living."

Not quite what I imagined to find in Switzerland - but I must admit it is a beautifully crafted design, and I think a lot more thought and planning has gone into this modern and minimalist space than meets the eye.  I  can't help but think who the fortunate young South African family is who are now enjoying living in such a wonderfully sparse space.  

I will be looking up Gus Wusteman next and see what other design gems he has waiting for us to explore in awe!

First spotted via Lotta Agaton
Images via Wallpaper