Friday, 20 July 2012


Just spotted this amazing give-away at the Vosgesparis blog, you can enter here and I quote via the blog:

 "This Monday I would love to introduce Designer Tricia Rose to you. Tricia is the owner of Rough Linen and for this summer she has created a new product: The summer cover, a summer cover is somewhere between a sheet and a bed cover - just what you need for the summer nights.

In cooperation with we are giving one lucky reader of Vosgesparis the chance to win a Rough Linen Summer Cover worth $240 or anything on her site up to the same value. Postage anywhere in the world is included"

I love the Orkney natural range, and matched with an extra pair of crisp white pillow covers I think it will look rather lovely in my room.  I am going to enter now, and so should you!

Happy winnings!

Images via Studio Dees (Vosgesparis) 
Rough Linen


via Pinterest

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


My sister recently celebrated her 60th birthday in Cape Town- sadly I couldn't join them all as I was in the UK.  But - from what I can gather it was a wonderful day, and she hosted a most delightful tea party!  She loves all these vintage shabby chic teacups, and so do I!  And so she asked me to make her a montage which she will hang in her holiday house 'C'est la Vie' on the west coast.

I was delighted when she asked my help with this little project, and what a feast it was to gather all these beautiful images and place them all in a pretty random flow.

Not so sure if it's a good thing or not... but I also gave in and bought a couple of pretty little sets on Ebay.... will post some pics soon.

Below are my ultimate favorite four:

Images via Pinterest and Google images

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


How amazing is this warehouse space!
The high ceilings and Victorian windows, the sparseness of the furnishings - bare white walls, brick walls....

I love this kind of space, it's rustic it's industrial and it holds a kind of unfinished charm about it which I find very appealing.

I am starting to think more and more than I am so ready to live on my own....
Sadly in this day and age it's a rare luxury and not one I can see myself indulge in for a long time still to come.

But alas, we are allowed our dreams...

Found these images via a location and film studio agency called Beach Studios, they have some real gems on their books!

Monday, 9 July 2012


 I have had this mirror for many years, and it's always been blue.  A nice kind of teal actually.  This mirror has seen me through my good days and my bad days, and it's also seen me age year by year, quietly watching and never commenting... thanks goodness mirrors can't talk!

Well ... I thought as it's been such a kind companion for so many years its about time I gave it a little make-over to feel more in place in my 'not so new anymore' room.  Gosh last month was my 1 year anniversary in my new shared house.... time waits for no-one!

So it being Monday and all - I decided to get the white spray paint out and .... it didn't take more than 5 minutes to spray, and another 5 minutes to wipe a bit of paint off from the mirror.  And in that time the paint was dry and....

Et voila!
What do you think of my brand new white mirror?
Thumbs up or thumbs down?


Saturday, 7 July 2012


Spontaneous coffee outings with a favorite friend
at my favorite local coffee shop
Lindé Davies


taking photo's of anything and everything
trying to capture the smell of the rain
trying to capture the lushness of nature
capturing the sunshine after the rain
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies

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Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies
Lindé Davies

Have been enjoying taking a few pictures of the garden this morning after my run and after the rain, it was so beautiful outside with the sunshine shimmering through the leaves and onto the raindrops.

My mom planted the pansies for me when they visited recently - we just used an old wine crate and had my cousin drill some holes in the bottom, they're doing really well!  Also my favorite 'gaura gaura' and the Japanese 'dianthus kahori' 

I love how our kitchen opens up onto the garden, there's a few steps leading down onto some pebbles, and then the grass and garden beyond, it's a bit wild - which I like and very lush and green.  We had our first summer bbq last Saturday and I hope the weather allows a few more to come.


....listening to cool jazz tunes while blogging....


getting up early
going for a run
and getting caught in a sudden torrential downpour,
and still - feeling great!

So, alas it's Saturday again, our favorite day of the week to do and spend as we please.  For me it's about getting up early-ish; anytime just before 8 is normally great!  I haven't been running for a while, so thought I'd put on my trainers and hit the road.
As I started my gentle jog, a gentle few drops started to fall, it actually felt rather nice, being out, being active and being out and active in the rain.  I continued to my favorite disused rail path for another stretch.  Felt amazing!

Then I passed through my local park and as I was catching my breath a sudden monsoon downpour bursted down leaving me and anyone else who was out completely drenched! Runners, walkers, tennis players, kids, dogs, squirrels ... the lot!

So this picture made me smile - not quite the look, but you get the general idea.

Today I will be posting regularly on what Saturdays are for - I guess a little look into my life.  I'll be taking lots of pictures to accompany each post - got a new Canon Ixus 510 HS recently and it needs a bit of experimenting and getting used to.

Hope everyone else is having a great Saturday so far


Friday, 6 July 2012


So happy to have found another beautiful Scandinavian home, this time via a new blog Jelanieshop

I think I may have to pay Sweden and Denmark and Norway and Finland a visit real soon!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012