Saturday, 30 June 2012


My good friend Phil have just launched his new graphic design website - I particularly liked this bright and sunny design: *fun in the sun* which was part of a Christmas Calender he designed while working at Skew Studio, London.

Watch this space and feel free to take a look at his website here:  Phil Watson Design

Well done Phil!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


They are busy renovating the building next door to my office - well that's putting in gently.  About 50cm's from my desk on the other side of my wall they are pretty much tearing a building down.  Yes that sums it up nicely.  Constant deep drilling, banging, knocking down of walls, the sound of walls crumbling - yes all very exciting - but not if you're trying to be concentrating, answering phones and typing emails right next door.

So... I took a bit of time out, made a nice coffee, browsed the internet and came across these soothing images.   Hoping they will sooth this rumbling noise away too.... For now I am dreaming of sitting in that beautiful chair, with the doors wide open and the fresh summer sunshine streaming in.

Looking at these sparsely styled interiors it does inspire one to also live a less cluttered, a more calm life, a life of less material things and more time to enjoy the beauty of each day.

.... and there the drilling has just started again, this time at a slightly higher pitch .... wish me luck everyone!!



Found this image via tumblr - but sadly I cannot find where it originated from - I'd very much like the see the rest of this space.

I love everything about this - it feels like it could be a very tranquil place.

The indoor garden is cleverly placed in front of the vast window - overlooking more greenery and garden.  Then another indoor garden in the courtyard, complete with a bit of lawn - lushness all over!

I totally give this a big thumbs up.

If anyone can share a link to the original post please feel free to share.  Much appreciated

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hello, everyone! I'm Mari here visiting from Design Shuffle, a fabulous online community for interior designers and those who simply love design. As a writer for Design Shuffle, I often have the opportunity to do guest posts for great blogs like An Urban Village. Today's topic is decorating ideas for white bedrooms with bits of wood. The images we've chosen to share are of simple, but beautiful, mostly pure white spaces. Each is enhanced by one or more wood elements. Please enjoy!   White Bedroom
In addition to a modern Saarinen Tulip table, this bedroom has a lovely bamboo bedside table and quirky little whitewashed wood step stool. You'll notice it's white all the way down to the painted floor. White Bedroom
This white bedroom shows off several eclectic wood pieces. Don't they look pretty in contrast to the white floor, walls and ceiling?
 White Bedroom
With a rustic wall left untouched, this white bedroom has an aged feel though it's a quite contemporary space. I love the raw wood on the long window seat. White Bedroom
This bedroom design is at once feminine and sleek. The sharp lines of a pale wood platform bed pair comfortably with the curved metal of a gorgeous chandelier. The wide planks make for a stunning wood floor.
  White Bedroom
Minimalism is made gorgeous by a creative mix of old and new wood in this white bedroom. I love the tiny night stand between the beds. White Bedroom
The dark wood of in island bedroom is dressed up with beautiful white bed linens. How pretty those white framed prints are!
 White Bedroom
This formal white space offers us a lovely interior design with an eclectic mix of woods, a tall padded headboard and an expansive view that's impossible to ignore. White Bedroom
With a beautiful original inlaid wood floor, this white bedroom has an appealing global feel. The fur throw is gorgeous and so is the hanging lantern. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Love white bedroom spaces? Be sure to head on over to Design Shuffle by clicking here for more inspiration!