Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Wells Smart Mini - gives a whole new take on compact living.   It's a water purifier, a kettle, and an Ipod dock all in one.  If its a glass of cold water after your morning run, or a hot mint tea come mid day - it all happens in this one neat concept, designed by Sang Keun Sim and Kyowon L&C Design Lab.  And while the kettle is boiling, why not put on your favorite playlist?  It seems that the jury is out on the feasibility of having an Ipod docking station included on this particular item - but on the other hand - I often enjoy listening to music while cooking or baking, and this could well do the trick!  

I like the sleek design and neat chrome and wood finish - the slight curved edges creates a beautiful piece of equipment = not only functional, but also quite stylish and beautiful.

What do you think?


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