Thursday, 3 May 2012


A beautifully crafted wooden bench, simplistic in design - sturdy and functional, delightful on the eye.... one single cushion, grey off course!  A teapot, a cup and a stack of books.  And almost fading into the background is the final piece to the puzzle.... A crisp white standing lamp.

Just looking at this image I feel calm, I can feel my head clearing of all today's clutter and noise and ideas, I am entering a state of relaxation, I am entering the 'me-time-zone'
Very important for me, but sadly I don't have such a lush and minimal space to unwind.

But what I have most certainly will make do - I just need less, less things, less paper, less sketches and drawings, and more time...

I guess I'm not the only one with this one tiny wish for just a bit more time in the day...
Time to relax, time to be productive, time to just be,  time for friends and family, time for daily chores - time to unwind, time to sleep, time to dream, time to wake up again, time for exercise, time for work....

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