Tuesday, 24 April 2012


No- I really am... it's weird, and I can't quite explain why.  Everything is fine, I'm feeling healthy and good, just my mindset is not quite right.  I can't focus,  I don't feel inspired.   I hope it will pass soon.  Perhaps the grey skies of late are playing a part... Anyone else feeling blue?

Speaking of blue-  and the lack of blue skies....

I found some of these images via a most inspiring and beautiful blog called fjellby which I think means 'mountain' and 'city' in Norwegian.  They make beautiful chopping boards - which I will post about next.

The images are by photographer Jeroen van der Spek - aren't they just amazing!

Enough to lift this blue mood of mine just a tad for sure!

Images via http://www.stillstars.com/jeroen-van-der-spek

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