Monday, 5 March 2012


This beautiful stable conversion in Norfolk, England was designed by David Kohn Architects  for gallerist Stuart Shave. White painted brick walls, industrial concrete floors and oh the wonderful and expansive views through those vast windows...  Bright and light, but still it feels slightly solemn and not at all imposing.

I love the mix of furniture, and lots of natural wood.  The oak cladding in the open-plan living room gives a sense of coziness and it adds another aesthetic level to the space.  Beautiful mid century modern home, and soft subtle colours and tones says welcome home.

What do you think of the bathroom?  I am not 100 % sure this works for me.  I do like the cladding, and the white painted brick walls.  The concrete feels a bit too cold and austere in this particular environment (and that said, I am a very big fan of all things concrete) But not quite here.  Perhaps it needed a tiny bit of warmth - even if there was a wooden bench with some towels or a stool...

Other than that - I can just say I'm totally *wow'ed* by this space, especially this last image with the bright winter sun bursting in through those vast windows - quite lush isn't it?

images via david kohn architects
images via kaleidodesignblog
images via desire to inspire


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  2. I have seen this pictures of this home many times posted on the internet and I must say that I am torn. Aspects of it look unclean and like something taken from a horror movie, others are beautiful. The last image in particular of the winter sun making it's way through and casting that brilliant light. Also, one image is missing of the bedroom which I find a particular favourite of mine. The limed wood used is particularly tasteful. Thank you for the post. It was a pleasure to read.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for posting. I would very much like to see the image of the bedroom you are referring to.
    I still love this space, the bathroom probably least so!
    Do stop by again