Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This is the beautiful marble pendant 'mass light' designed by my favorite Architect Duo from Copenhagen - Norm Architects designed for &tradition.

I quote from Contemporist
"When traveling cities such as Paris, Barcelona and New York, architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen were fascinated by the streets lamps; the characteristic cast iron top – looking a bit like a hat – with a semi transparent glass sphere at the base.
Back in the studio norm.architects detached the street lamp from its original use and transferred the shape and combination of materials in order to design an indoor pendant – the MASS LIGHT. The pendant is made of brown marble and glass, as the two architects were keen on creating a lamp made from natural stone with its warm sensual hues. The unusual use of such a massive piece of marble for a lamp gives an exceptional sense of quality and durability.
The shape of MASS LIGHT is bold, strong and masculine and yet feminine curves soften the expression. The well-known shape lets you focus on the beauty of the marble, its aesthetic structures and brown colors."
 Beautiful design yet again!

Images via besthomedesign
Image 4 via norm

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


….And now in age I bud again;
After so many deaths I love and write;
I once more smell the dew and rain…

(an exert from a poem by George Herbert)

 I took this photo yesterday on my way home from work.  Springtime holds such promise, the air feels different, almost bursting with the excitement of the new season which arrives with the sight of bright blossoms in bright sunshine against a bright blue sky!

And how nice to get home and still have a few hours of light to enjoy!

Happy Springtime to you all, enjoy every day - do what you can - don't rush, take it easy - savor the moment - stop and breath it in ..... and remember 
Tomorrow is another day


What a beautiful and dreamy home - rustic in all its old worldly charm.  Quite picture perfect - nothing more nothing less, would love to spend some quality time somewhere like this. 

Having recently seen the beautiful courtyard image on pinterest, it led me to the most inspiring new blog: greige design
A happy find!
I think perhaps a visit to my wonderful friends, Fabrice and Aurelie, also in the South of France close to the Mountaigne Noir will be in order.  Maybe sometime soon!  Their family own a gorgeous guesthouse called Le Clos des Souquets - in a small village called Fabrezan, I have been fortunate to spend many a summer holiday there.

Image first spotted via pinterest
Rest of images via greige design
Originally via Living Agency

Friday, 23 March 2012


What a beautiful and simple design.  I have no further info I'm afraid, but will see if I can gather the designer name at least and will add that to the post if, and when I do.

I like the simplicity of it, and the slight platform the block sits on.

Image found via tumblr

Sunday, 18 March 2012


And yet again I am inspired!   
Have added Kosta Lanta Eco Resort to my 'must visit' list, and hope to head back to Thailand's picturesque islands again soon!


Lots of ideas here for my week-end getaway, and I have done lots of drawings this week-end- will post some in the coming days.  I love the raised concrete platform, which is the sleeping area, the wooden panels that concertina open onto a shaded terrace.  The polished concrete and plaster bathrooms are just perfect!

I hope I'm not too optimistic to want to be spending my December holidays in my "Darling Week-end Get-away"

Wednesday, 7 March 2012



 I have just found my dream home Casa Lola - all the way in South America, In Brazil in a small fishing village called Trancoso.  It has everything and more.... from the lush tropical garden to the separate little guest house opposite the pool area.

Concrete floors, walls - the shower is quite perfect, and I love the worktop in the kitchen area.
A lot of the finishes and furniture were locally sourced or gathered from the owners many travels worldwide.

This beautiful home is also available for holiday stays - lucky for us, we can now too enjoy a bit of this paradise lifestyle too.

Please do visit their website as there is so much more that has gone into the design of the space - and you can definitely see that in these carefully chosen images (I had to try and stop myself from not reposting each and every single one)   Casa Lola

Now the only question remains.... when will I be visiting!  And who'd like to come along?

First spotted via Tumblr
Images via remodelista

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Today, like any other day - I quite like a bit of rustic and industrial interiors.  These slightly warn and weathered spaces always wakens a creative excitement within me.  The last 2 images are definitely more refined, more modern, but still there is a subtle element that spells rustic to me...

Image 1 via still inspiration
Rest via pinterest/ tumblr

Monday, 5 March 2012


This beautiful stable conversion in Norfolk, England was designed by David Kohn Architects  for gallerist Stuart Shave. White painted brick walls, industrial concrete floors and oh the wonderful and expansive views through those vast windows...  Bright and light, but still it feels slightly solemn and not at all imposing.

I love the mix of furniture, and lots of natural wood.  The oak cladding in the open-plan living room gives a sense of coziness and it adds another aesthetic level to the space.  Beautiful mid century modern home, and soft subtle colours and tones says welcome home.

What do you think of the bathroom?  I am not 100 % sure this works for me.  I do like the cladding, and the white painted brick walls.  The concrete feels a bit too cold and austere in this particular environment (and that said, I am a very big fan of all things concrete) But not quite here.  Perhaps it needed a tiny bit of warmth - even if there was a wooden bench with some towels or a stool...

Other than that - I can just say I'm totally *wow'ed* by this space, especially this last image with the bright winter sun bursting in through those vast windows - quite lush isn't it?

images via david kohn architects
images via kaleidodesignblog
images via desire to inspire