Tuesday, 17 January 2012


As far as blue's go - one can never really go wrong - I love all blue's, bright sky blue, the turquoise of the ocean, the blue's in my Gaudi ring....  

But - if I would have to choose, I will opt for the blues captured so brilliantly in the above images.  Would we call it a deep azure blue perhaps?  I'm not sure, but it most certainly has a calm and calming effect.  It's different but not obviously so.  It's quite beautiful this blue, my new favorite hue!

When I was living in South Africa not so long ago, I was fortunate enough to come across the most gorgeous lounge suite from the 1950's ... and guess what, the upholstery still perfectly in tact, in this very same velvety blue.  At first I wasn't too sure about it, and was very keen to have it reupholstered in a distressed white leather.  But I haven't up to now.  I think this colour does work well, not only with the style but also with that era of modernist and minimalist design.  The set is in storage (well, mum and dad's garage is currently home to a host of my belongings) but perhaps one day I will have it recovered, and yes I will keep it this same blue - but certainly loosing the tassels!

Image 1 via Design & Form
Other images via Yellows.dk - a firm favorite dreamy website of beautiful photography and perfectly styled interiors

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