Tuesday, 3 January 2012

mamm-design: minna-no-ie

Japanese architecture practice Mamm-Design is behind this interesting concept house ‘minna no ie’, a two-and-a-half storey dwelling in a residential district of Tokyo, Japan. Situated on a 4.5m by 12m plot bound by neighbouring buildings, the design seek to provide a space that seemingly expands beyond its borders by inserting a six meter-high garden room at its center.

What makes this concept obviously interesting is the interior garden room, which forms the central hub of the space.  This way of thinking and design makes good use of space, creating a safe and comfortable home that delights all senses.
I can imagine this kind of architecture becoming invaluable in the future where space is limited and safety becoming more and more important.

In my ideal 'garden home' I will have polished concrete flooring with underfloor heating, solid dark wood stairs and good grief, where is the cozy fireplace and sofa!  I do love having a beautiful view to look out onto - but if that's not a possibility, then I'm more than happy with a lush green tree, a hammock and some blue skies above!

I love this kind of design though and the images are inspiring and thought provoking.  

Am I correct to assume that where space is limited the architecture becomes far more experimental and interesting than in areas where land and space is available in abundance.... food for thought!

 via designboom

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