Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hello to you all,

Again it's been feeling like there is not enough time for everything that needs to be done.  Especially around the time one has to prepare and pack for a nice and sunny vacation!

I'm off to Cape Town tomorrow for just over 2 weeks - and will be taking a little breather and break from the internet, from pinterest, and tumblr and sadly also from my blog, which I have grown very fond of.

But I will be spending my time with family and friends and that is very precious to me.

My only distraction will be my camera...

See you all back around mid February,  have a great couple of weeks!




This urban house is located in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil and was designed by Apiacás Arquitetos. The house is made of steel reinforced concrete.  

The house has a very natural flow - and an amazing view from the terrace.  Lots of ambient light enter the house from various skylights and windows.   Set amongst various levels and floors the space allows an openness of movement, but still feels quite cozy and comfortable.

Beautifully done, like the wood, the concrete, the lightness and openness.  Perhaps a little bit less wood for me personally .... that's just me though.  On the other hand the wood does add to a very natural and welcoming feel, quite rustic perhaps, which I also like a lot.


Monday, 23 January 2012


Spotted this today on Pinterest - and loved it!  Would love this for my week-end getaway.
Sometimes when you don't have words you can merely say...

It is what it is...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


As far as blue's go - one can never really go wrong - I love all blue's, bright sky blue, the turquoise of the ocean, the blue's in my Gaudi ring....  

But - if I would have to choose, I will opt for the blues captured so brilliantly in the above images.  Would we call it a deep azure blue perhaps?  I'm not sure, but it most certainly has a calm and calming effect.  It's different but not obviously so.  It's quite beautiful this blue, my new favorite hue!

When I was living in South Africa not so long ago, I was fortunate enough to come across the most gorgeous lounge suite from the 1950's ... and guess what, the upholstery still perfectly in tact, in this very same velvety blue.  At first I wasn't too sure about it, and was very keen to have it reupholstered in a distressed white leather.  But I haven't up to now.  I think this colour does work well, not only with the style but also with that era of modernist and minimalist design.  The set is in storage (well, mum and dad's garage is currently home to a host of my belongings) but perhaps one day I will have it recovered, and yes I will keep it this same blue - but certainly loosing the tassels!

Image 1 via Design & Form
Other images via - a firm favorite dreamy website of beautiful photography and perfectly styled interiors


For my interior design class last night we had to create a mood board with our favorite interiors - but bearing in mind the client brief for a project we're working on in class.  The board was quite well received.

I was fortunate to already have many inspiring interiors on my Pinterest Profile - but also lucky to have found a great Danish Photography website which perfectly captured my ideas for the space.  I spent most of the week-end on this one piece.  But it's something I totally love doing and I am very happy with the final results.

What I tried to capture.....

I love crisp fresh almost clinical whites in a light and bright space - add a tad of industrial charm - with the warmth of natural wood and just a tad of colour.  I love this deep azure blue, and think that it will be quite a prominent colour this year.  It works well with the whites and is subtle enough to not be totally distracting.

I love a bit of contrast - and have added some stark black images to really add some drama and perhaps a bit of grandeur.  Light and brightness of the space is vital, and there are some interesting lighting to choose from.  You might notice the Norm Raft Table in one image and a raft stool in another.

These images does really speak to me - all of them have something I totally love - there is nothing that I do not like.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Just had to share!  If it's not yet clear.... I must admit;  I do have a bit of a thing for a nice chair!

Via tumblr


Some more beautiful white interiors.  I am in love with the wooden stools in the 3rd image, and the grain and colour of wood is quite perfect! 

First 2 images via pinterest via Still Inspiration
3rd image via pinterest
4th image via yellows

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Well - it's been a good week over here and I can only say thank you thank you thank you!

Here's why:  

*  My boss agreed to me extending my stay in South Africa, so I will be away for a whole 17 days - spending quality time with family and friends, and enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and beautiful scenery.

*  My UK driving license arrived in the post today, just as I was heading out for a run with a friend.  Girlies- pack your bags, grab your keys, leave your troubles at home - we're going on a road trip! (soon, soon as I'm back).  This will also allow me to do be a bit more 'on the go' and help my boss with some site visits and project meetings, and I guess buying paints and supplies being the majority of it!

*  My interior design course is truly enjoyable and I'm just taking so much in, we have a great teacher, very captivating and I think I will be learning loads.

*  Having such lovely friends in my life - that's a treasure, and worth more than gold!

*  We've had such a lovely crisp and fresh week of sunny blue skies in London, it's very cold today, but lovely and I'm about to sign off and head out to enjoy a bit of fresh air and catching up with friends

*  A big warm hello to the many new visitors to my blog - very excited that you all popped by and please do check in again soon!

*  Have a great week-end to all, make the most of it, but most of all .... take it easy - weekends are for relaxing, rewinding, recharging - weekends are for whatever you feel like doing with them!  Make sure to enjoy it


Images via Pinterest



Found these images on Tumblr - not sure where they originated from, and I don't think they are from one entire property.   But for me - this is pretty much a picture perfect home, white and bright and welcoming.  The kitchen is bright and light too and for me that is quite important because of how much time we spend there (well I do...)

I love the concrete wall in the bedroom and the exposed beams.

Dream dream dream...

Friday, 13 January 2012


Beautiful and small - monochrome palette - all you need really for uncluttered living!  Clever sleeping platform behind the plasma screen.  I can easily see this developing into a new idea for my little week-end getaway!  I don't have more details as to the project, but if anyone knows where it is, or where I can get more info from, please leave me a comment.

Happy Friday!

Images via Designoform


As if painting a masterpiece using a standard paintbrush wasn’t challenging enough, artist Tyree Callahan decided he needed a new and unique method for applying paint. His approach? Transform a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter into a painting device by replacing each of the ink pads with colored paint pads and relabel the corresponding key with the same color in place of letters.  Callahan named this new device a Chromatic Typewriter. Callahan has entered his typewriter in the 2012 West Prize competition.

Callahan had the following to say about the typewriter on his blog:

"I'm super excited about it. The reaction to the piece has been pretty special. It seems to be making a lot of people happy and it has started some great discussions on the translation of art into words and words into art. And folks with synesthesia seem to like it the most!"
If you have an iphone you can download an app and vote for this wonderfully creative creation- please vote!

This might is definitely top of my wishlist!

Via Tumblr, Via PCWorld

Thursday, 12 January 2012


In exactly 2 weeks time I will be boarding a flight to Cape Town, South Africa.  I am going on a little long awaited holiday to see my family and friends.  I will arrive the next morning, to glorious sunshine and tight hugs from my folks!

I am very much looking forward to spending a couple of days or more on the West Coast, at my sisters holiday cottages, C'est La Vie - pictures below - isn't it just beautiful and the interiors are picture perfect nautical, blues and whites - a real holiday treasure!  Thank you sis!

We will go for early morning walks, picking shells from the beach and in the evenings watching the sunset from the terrace, chilled wine in hand.... oh bliss, holidays are tops!

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to visit C'est La Vie - and before you know it, your seaside holiday is booked!


Today I have really stumbled upon a treasure of a new blog 'design & form' and that's were I found this crazy busy image of all greys. I found a treasure of beautiful Scandinavian interiors on this blog .... I had to truly drag myself away from it's pages.  Take a minute and treat your senses!

I will add to this later - perhaps a kind of mood board, which reminds me I need to finish my mood board for my next class on Monday


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Today I want to just say a few words...

I want to say how grateful I am for this wonderful life
It is not always easy, but it's always worth it!
Often things feel like they are out of place and I start to worry
And gosh, I am a big worrier!

But then I stop and think to what my mum always used to tell me
"When the night is at it's darkest, the daybreak is at it's closest"

And that is true, so true

Slowly but surely things are falling into place and for that I am grateful each and every day

Don't give up on your dreams, hold them tight and they will come true
And remember to always be grateful

image via