Thursday, 29 December 2011


"Welcome home" - is what this charming stone house in the South of Italy is whispering to me!  The pebbled pathway lit by candles leads the way to an inviting and relaxing stay.  Very rustic it is, and the domed ceiling is a building method used in ancient Roman times (if I am not mistaken) but there are also some surprisingly modern interior touches once you step through the doors.  The floating wooden staircase leading to a mezzanine sleeping area is beautiful!  But again if you look closely, there is no visible support for the mezzanine platform except from the wall to the back and to the right - highly sophisticated and visually pleasing.


I love how the walls have only been plastered up to a certain level, leaving the domed areas exposed to show the stone - a beautiful touch that really shows a lot of thought has gone into the renovation of this home.  I'd love to know more about it - so if perhaps anyone has more information - please send me a note/ comment.

I'm a very big fan of this kind of wall finish - silimar in look to Moroccan tadelact, however in the UK we use a polished concrete to create this finish and in South Africa the best product to use would be Cemcrete's Satincrete - a waterproof cement finish ideal for wetrooms and bathrooms as well as feature walls and the like.  I used to work with the product and it creates a beautiful mottled finish that is durable and very versatile.

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  1. That sink in the last photograph is absolutely amazing. I am in love! You have a lot of unique photographs on your blog! I will be checking back for more.

  2. Yes isn't it just lush!
    Thank you for the encouraging comment, please check in again.
    Would love to hear from you!