Wednesday, 30 November 2011



My previous post refers (House B8) and having been so inspired by it, I have spent the past couple of hours drawing and came up with my own rendition of a 'guest unit' which will somehow be attached via courtyard/ terrace to the main unit.

Please forgive the rough sketches....  

So the idea was to have a slightly separate guest unit for when friends or family are visiting.  I am an early riser and love the brightness and promise of early mornings.  Having guests visiting - and more often than not I hope to have guests - I won't want to be waking them up in the somewhat early morning hours. 

This unit allows for guests to have their own space and privacy, it can sleep 5 (the sleeping area to the back has a bunk bed above for a child) Most of my friends and family have children, and this will allow a cosy stay for a handful of nice people.  Own bathroom, and built in storage - plus wide benches where one can relax and take in the scenery, leading onto the mini courtyard/ terrace. (benches marked in white and separated by the purple area:  which is a mini kitchen unit finished in Cemcrete Satincrete (waterproof cement finish), with mini fridge, coffee maker and an alcove with shelves)

On the terrace we have a tree growing out of the surrounding extended area and some hanging chairs on either side.  Space for a small table and a bench on the terrace, and we're all set for a great stay!  I think perhaps a hammock in the garden under a shaded canopy would add a nice and relaxing touch...

Next would be the main unit - but perhaps I leave that for another day....

I love hearing any comments or feedback, so please do say hello - a love it, or hate it! I won't mind, and I'm open to new ideas or suggestions too

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