Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The idea here was to create a small week-end getaway - with an internal courtyard, which can be accessed through oversized glass doors, which will allow the entire space to be open.  A fluid inside/outside space so to speak. The courtyard would be at a slightly lower level, with sleeper steps on two sides. 

The bathroom can be accessed from two sides.  The sleeping area is very spacious and overlooking the courtyard, as well as the nature reserve to the South/ West.  Both kitchen and living areas open up onto the courtyard - and will have uninterrupted views of nature through oversized glass windows.

A polished concrete terrace with a built in bbq will be on the N/W side of the entertainment areas, with a single tree growing through it.   (Not shown on this drawing)

In SA safety is still of some concern, and even though in this small town, its predominantly still only petty crime - I felt the need to create a safe space - with an enclosed outdoor area.

I need to add a guestroom and guestbathroom for when bigger families or groups will stay.
One option could be to drop the sleeping area by about one meter and adding an additional space above it.... but not sure.  I quite like the simplicity and openness of this drawing as it is.  It could even be a tad smaller perhaps.

My inspiration was drawn firstly from a Japanese design:  F-White House by Takaro Yamamoto Architects located in Tokyo, Japan; and secondly from the Ruy Texeireia images in my previous post.

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