Tuesday, 18 October 2011


A freelance contract has recently come to an end, with all this free time at hand - instead of looking for the next contract, I thought I'd rather share some interior snaps from home.  And I can job-hunt later!!

This little chest of drawers is in my bedroom - I got it from a second hand shop on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch a few years ago.  Great find, at a steal price and perfect to store all my hair and beauty products in.  The mirror has moved with me over the years, I'm not to keen on the blue frame - but can't decide whether I should paint it black or white.  Any suggestions?

The black and white terriers are actually salt and pepper pots - and you can buy them at Debenhams for £6.  They're fun and a little bit different, and I am not yet ready to share them downstairs in the kitchen.  I'm keeping them ornamental - maybe they'll get put to use for a dinner party someday.

The zebra stripe storage container is from OlalaBox and they have a wonderful selection of fun and fabulous storage solutions.  Its a German company, and not too sure if they have a stockist in the UK.  I got mine from the little market at Columbia Road.

My fossil watch needs a new battery - so for the time being I have it surrounding a silver heart.  They heart has a gentle chime inside, and such a lovely sound to wake a loved one up for some coffee!  Also for me personally I look at it as a reminder that there is no right time for love - it could happen anytime!

That's all for now.  Next time I will share another little project of mine.  Thanks for visiting!

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