Friday, 7 October 2011


I seem to be forever drawn to Scandinavian interiors - light fresh, refreshing and subtly bold.  This is the apartment of Likainen Parketti who also blogs and photographs some beautiful things.  I am not always sure if my 'translations' are apt, so please feel free to correct me along the way.  
The over-sized wooden coffee table is so effective in the otherwise pristine space.  Great to see such a lovely mix of homeliness.  The concrete jar is awesome!  And I think they were a new addition at the time these photo's were taken.

I have noticed these wiry black chairs in a lot of interiors, and wonder where they are from. I might see if I can find some information and will write about it soon.

Tomorrow I'm off to the New Forest with some girly friends, I very much am looking forward to some hiking in the fresh crisp autumn air, some photography, and some country pub visits along the way!

A lovely week-end to all x

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