Friday, 21 October 2011


Fishscape Fishbowl is designed by Aruliden, and made in Turkey of hand-blown glass, consisting of a rising landscape of miniature mountains formed out of the glass base, turning the flat bottom into a rough-textured feature. The fishbowl is supposed to evoke the feeling of a mountain range. 
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This Bubble Tank made by Psalt Design, uses a counter-weighted design to maintain the bowl’s appearance of standing on the verge of falling off the edge. Inspired by the shape of a bead of water as just before it flows over an edge, the molten shape is designed to make the tank itself the focus of a room, rather than its finned residents.

The so-called Bubble Tank is one of their first projects, and they insist its instability is only an illusion – it is meant to grab your attention and perhaps make you worry without actually putting your fishy little friends in real-life danger.  Richard Bell is part of PSalt (short for: A Pinch of Salt), a design studio in Sheffield collective aiming for the unusual when it comes to furniture, objects and accessories.
via Dornob
This is perhaps my favorite - different fun and just quite fabulous!  From

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